My classroom website when leaving Sibley

Since I had developed a website for my class from scratch, Sibley’s principal decided I should be the school’s electronic grade book manager. That meant assisting the other teachers when we transitioned from actual grade books on paper, to entering grades and attendance on the computer.
I taught first grade, except for my last year. In June, 2012, hours before my Teacher of the Year luncheon, the principal called me in to tell me I’d be teaching third grade inclusion, the following year. The students had either failed the state’s third grade reading test before, or had other issues. He thought he was doing me a favor by telling me before distributing the tentative staff assignments for the next year. That was my reward challenge for doing a good job so many good jobs.
So after many years of being in the same classroom, I had to take everything I owned, carry it all upstairs and start from scratch. (Other teachers had to do that frequently.)
This a printout of what the top of my classroom website looked like at the end of the 2012-13 school year. It’s all I have left. I decided on the sections, wrote all the text, and found the graphics on my own. (I always used paper that had only been used on one side, unless it was going out to a parent. That’s why I cleaned text from the other side, and you may notice some white spaces.)
2013-06-04 my website
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