Lenny’s update, and the writing and posting you may have missed

You may have actually looked at the homepage of this blog, CohenConnect.com, and thought I hadn’t been writing. It may have looked that way, but it sure wasn’t the case. Not at all.

Actually, I’ve been writing — a whole lot!

I let you know I took a job working for a local weekly newspaper at the beginning of the year. Since then, I’ve mostly published “pages” (as opposed to the “real blog posts” I wrote about yesterday) right here on this blog.

That’s why none of you wonderful subscribers got emails, but I announced most of the pages on Twitter right after I published them. My Twitter feed is open to all on the right side of www.CohenConnect.com (desktop), or it may be easier to check out the actual Twitter website or app if you’re reading on your phone. (It’s much easier to blurt something out and bring it to your attention than writing a whole post.)

The articles I wrote here are arranged weekly, from the start of the job to the end, although I’ll admit several were not written on a timely basis, especially over the last month. And my presentation method has improved substantially since the beginning. But they’re done, and I’d saved thoughts and graphics so they’re completely accurate!

I explain how the opportunity presented itself, with the copy editor being off for a few weeks on deadline day, which is Wednesday. I started doing proofreading and improving writing, then writing original stories, and was soon out covering the news as a reporter.

Go through the PGN, 2019: Reporter, Copy Editor, Social Media Specialist section and you’ll see every story I wrote, bar none. (You’ll also see the format I used to document them evolve for the better!)

I have a lot to be proud of, from reports often making the front page to juggling multiple stories…

… and from making positive differences in people’s lives to catching many innocent mistakes on Wednesdays due to being so short-staffed.

Oh, and insisting I be allowed to revive the paper’s hardly-used social media accounts showed hard evidence of vast improvement, which hopefully caused readers to click the paper’s website, which is what really counts.

Ultimately, I left late last month because despite learning about reporting and newspapers on the job, thanks to a wonderful mentor, it turned out not to be the right place to move up. My wonderful mentor also left and I needed “me time” outside of the 24/7 world of journalism to find it.

I let several people know, but not all, and I apologize if you’re just finding out here.

So this is the
“me time”
I mentioned.

I’ve looked into reporting at two nearby daily newspapers and am considering possibilities all those job sites email to me daily. It would be a huge accomplishment if I could find something exciting that pays the bills, right here in Philadelphia. The last thing I need is to be bored at a place if I’m full of ideas.

Now, I also have time to write those “real blog posts” rather than cause you to feel I’m ignoring you. (On top of that, this blog LOSES money rather than MAKES it, so not posting GUARANTEES a financial loss!)

I started using the new WordPress editor. For so long, WordPress had asked me if I wanted to try its new way to post and edit text and images, but I stuck to the old version due to lack of time.

Since leaving PGN, I got to play around and found a Testimonial section. Over the past week, some former bosses and coworkers each wrote a few very nice sentences about me that would be perfect for prospective bosses to use as references. (Please let me know if you’d be willing to do the same.) No, they don’t include contact information or pictures. I do include a link related to a current job, even if it’s just a work-related Twitter site, but you wouldn’t have to have one if you don’t want.

On another personal note, my sister got engaged and my parents flew up to New York to see her and my future brother-in-law, and help pick out a bridal gown. Soon, I’ll be heading up there to drive them back, so they can spend some good quality days with their four-legged grandchildren.

But I’ll be online and hoping to read any ideas you have for my future, or offers to write a few nice sentences in the Testimonial section. And I have one “real blog post” idea but will be coming up with others, so I blog to you a little more frequently than I have been. No overdoing it. I promise!

Have a great weekend!

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