Haven’t been in touch for a while. This is partly the reason.

To those of you eager to read more blog posts here (this is blog #150!), and news on ThePhillyFiles.com, I’m temporarily sorry.

No, I haven’t been sitting around, doing nothing.

I’ve been coming up with new ideas for sections and on a separate note, going out trying to make a living.

This is the email I sent subscribers of ThePhillyFiles.com, a little while ago.

Click here to visit the site.

Click here to subscribe for free. (Hint: If you didn’t get the MailChimp email from that site by now, and it’s not in your spam folder, then you’re not a subscriber.)

You’ll find all of the other links from the email just underneath it.

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Click here for easier reading on a separate page.


Enjoy, and please try to make use of ThePhillyFiles.com! There’s already plenty, with more to come.

Something to add? Disagree? Let us all know!

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