New and improved website!

I’m happy to report the blog is new and improved, with a different web host, and more to see at first glance if you’re looking at it on desktop.

Unfortunately, the website is still in construction mode and will be for some time. The feature images and other graphics did not transfer over to the new theme, so they’ll need to be replaced. So will punctuation marks such as apostrophes, quotation marks, and dashes. Also, the classic editor won’t become the block editor on previous posts without a lot of work. You can imagine what I need to do, with more than 150 posts over the years!

In addition, I want to go over the right sidebar (which appears after the latest bunch of posts on mobile), where I already added links for the latest on Coronavirus (and others on, and the generic “about” pages. Please keep in mind the list you just read is not complete.

I continue to appreciate you reading, and now also your patience. I enjoyed the look back in time, and started editing the latest posts, but please let me know if there’s any page in particular you want to see and I’ll get to it ASAP.

Thanks, and don’t forget to “spring forward” tonight. (Yes. We lose an hour of sleep! More bad news.)



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