I got your book, Tom Cantor

And I hope you wish I didn’t!

It seems most people would want everyone to be more like them, as opposed to wanting others to be different. (That may not be the case with people who know they’re troubled.)

There are many ways people are different. A biggie is religion.

I looked all over for a scene from All in the Family where I believe Archie opened the door to Jehovah’s Witnesses and then complained about proselytizing, until he got to Jewish people. That’s what he said something to the effect of,

“Jews don’t recruit. They don’t need us.”

At least I think he said “Jews,” rather than another word from his vocabulary.

I couldn’t find that, so I’ll give you two other scenes.

Obviously some things can’t be changed, unless you mean something like Michael Jackson — whether true or trumped up.

I couldn’t control myself, and brought you something about two upcoming Georgia Senate races. Yes, that wording was intentional.

The picture reminded me one of those races had allegations of anti-Semitism by Sen. David Perdue (R) against challenger Jon Ossoff (D). Ossoff’s nose

“was lengthened and widened, even as other parts of his face stayed the same size and proportions,”

according to experts who talked to The Forward. (These tangents are a reason my blog posts tend to be long, but this one will be an exception.)

And of course, besides race, there are other examples of prejudice and discrimination, such as a person’s birthplace and accent.

But something that can more easily be changed is religion, if the person sincerely wants it.

Why would a person decide to change religions? It could be the religion is believable. Or there could be peer pressure. History has had too many swords cause it. And there’s also deception.

How does deception cause people to change religions?

Here is an example and an email I sent to the sender of a book, just yesterday.

No offense is intended, unless you’re the sender or someone like him.

Subject: I got your book, Tom Cantor

It was sent anonymously, meaning by a coward trying to play a trick on me to get me to read it. Not very ethical, but Christians are often not ethical people. 

Perhaps if their beliefs were actually the truth, and they prayed really long and hard, they would not have a problem finding followers. That gives me no choice but to believe Christianity is not the truth and you have a problem finding followers.

I found a few minutes, after a few months, and was about to start reading — but the information in the beginning and back cover was vague, so I googled your name and found your information. (I will not give it here to help him in any way, but I looked it up and you can if you wish. —Lenny)

Perhaps I can ask the grandson of an Orthodox rabbi from the Lithuanian Kantorovich Rabbinical line whether burning the book on Shabbat and publicizing my activity would be appropriate — or if I should wait a few hours.

I mean, a weak troubled man makes a great target. You were happily taken in by a cult, because there’s always someone ready to use others to help themselves.

And now you’re causing trouble for others by specifically targeting Jewish communities — like the Greek-Assyrians at the time of Hanukkah, Ferdinand and Isabella causing the Inquisition, Martin Luther stirring up pogroms, and so many others who couldn’t keep Jewish people from losing their identity. (Identify as you wish, but someone who believes in Jesus…)

Hopefully you won’t find many weak and troubled people, such as yourself. I can only imagine what your ancestors are thinking, looking down at you (or “on” you). On the other hand, if they’re in Paradise, then you wouldn’t be a second thought.

So I’m not giving you a second thought.

Again, no offense intended against my Christian friends, or friends I haven’t met yet. I could’ve written the same about any religion, but used the sender’s. It’s too bad people like him can make others look bad.

And certainly nobody should be discriminated against because of their religion, how they were raised, or their lack of religion at any time.

Sadly, I’ve written about that in California, Texas, Pittsburgh and outside Philadelphia.

Cantor wrote, he felt responsible to convert people to Christianity. Saving souls should not be done by deceptive means. It’s fake and also insincere. I can’t imagine God being happy with that. (It might even make Her angry!)

Cantor’s book is called Changed. Has he changed for the better or worse, compared to the time he was born?

Please let me know your thoughts.

P.S. As for the book, it’ll be recycled in parts. That should undo some of the damage it has done. I hope I warned everyone else with a copy that we’ve been targeted, and to do the same. (A book-burning would not be good for the environment.)

In the meantime, try reading it from the right, like in Hebrew!


  1. Proselytizing (and forcing belief systems on unsuspecting children) is the way religions maintain their existence! All the religions (WHICH WERE CREATED BY HUMANS,) use their various forms of propaganda (“holy” books, etc.) to get their “truth” out. So-called “holy” men/women have been spewing their messages for as long as there have been humans.

  2. While we’re at it, let us not forget that children and even babies are subjected to GENITAL MUTILATION (circumcision and FGM) in the name of God! (Why should a God need to harm a child in any way, shape or form?)

  3. Today this book arrived via the USPS to my home. I searched the internet to find out who is Tom Canter. The search brought me here. We could not have had two more different reactions to receiving the book.

    My thought was, “Who would be so kind to share with me what was most precious to them especially in such a costly way?”. It was a simple book, plainly written. How could it have brought about such verbal venom from anyone? Is tolerance and acceptance for all or for the few?

    Our thoughts and our words give others a window into our soul.

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