New Port St. Lucie water park may be built at Torino Regional Park

New Port St. Lucie water park may be built at Torino Regional Park

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PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (CBS12) — Consultants picked Torino Regional Park as the best site for Port St. Lucie to own and operate a potential new water park.

The consultants’ report was the subject of Tuesday’s special city council meeting.

Members discussed a Waterpark Feasibility Study which looked at population counts, the number of people who would be able to drive to the site in an hour, and other aquatic recreation providers in the region and their prices.

The consultants liked the population density and number of children under 14, along with the lack of aquatic offerings in Port St. Lucie and the possibility of enhancing aquatic leisure amenities compared to Sailfish Splash in Stuart.

The negative factors they noted were the closeness to Rapids Water Park in West Palm Beach and a much smaller visitor market compared to Orlando.

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Council members decided Torino Regional Park provided plenty of space to build any size design, plus room for future expansion.

New Port St. Lucie water park may be built at Torino Regional Park
A 5-acre regional water park with shared parking for 400 cars is expected to cost $20-25 million, from the feasibility study discussed Jan. 18, 2022. (Courtesy Kimley Horn and Counsilman Hunsaker via city of Port St. Lucie)

Decisions still need to be made on admission prices, dates of operation and operating costs, along with possibly holding a referendum on paying for the project.

The feasibility study included proposals for three sizes, with the cost to build ranging from $10-15 million to $20-25 million.

Then, it could take up to two years for a water park to be completed.

Other potential sites were Traditions Innovation, which is already under contract, and 12050 SW Village Parkway.

A similar project in nearby Fort Pierce called Wavegarden Surf Park needs approval from that city’s commission. It would be a gigantic wave pool large enough to accommodate 100 surfers at once and could open in 2023.

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