Girl's punishments for stealing food included ice-cold showers, police say

Girl’s punishments for stealing food included ice-cold showers, police say

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The mother charged with child neglect after her eight-year-old daughter ran away is no stranger to West Palm Beach police.

The officer who responded to that situation wrote in Saturday’s arrest report for Nicanol Torres:

”I recognized the address, having dealt with the family on past calls and being familiar with [name withheld] who is frequently reported as missing.”

According to the officer, Torres, 28, said her oldest of four children — Luna Toledo-Torres — woke up Saturday morning and went to the bathroom, and when she was tending to her other children, Luna ran out of the house, southbound on N. Flagler Avenue.

Police searched on foot. They also used police and fire K-9s, the marine unit and a drone.

However, when the officer spoke with Luna after she was found, she told him

”[Name withheld] is always being bossy, when we have meals, I don’t get enough, and the door (bedroom) is always locked and closed even when they are not being punished.”

Officers walked through the home with the mother and confirmed there was very little food available;

”a few fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and the cabinets were empty.”

In fact, police say Luna has been punished

”for ‘stealing’ food from the kitchen when she is hungry”

The punishment

”is often being locked in her room and denied the ability to leave.”

Girl's punishments for stealing food included ice-cold showers, police say
Luna Toledo-Torres was missing on Saturday morning, Jan. 22, 2022. (West Palm Beach Police Dept.)

Other punishments:

”She is required to compulsively brush her teeth, or she is put in an ice-cold shower.”

Police said Luna did not want to go home.

According to the arrest report, the officer reviewed calls to the Torres home and found Luna was recently missing six times before Saturday: once in September, once in October, and four times in November.

It also said the Florida Department of Children and Families had an open case with the Torres family and in previous contacts with DCF, the family refused services. There is also an open case in Connecticut.

Monday, CBS12 News reported how police said the four children in the family — from eight-year-old Luna to an infant, just seven months old — “appeared dirty, frail and underweight for their ages.”

Also, the school-aged children were not enrolled in school, and there was no record of homeschooling.

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The arrest report added the children are isolated from other relatives and according to Luna:

”[Name withheld] do not allow her to see family because she gets spoiled and fed too much.”

The children were removed from their home pending further investigation.

Finally, police determined Torres “failed to protect” Luna, and her failure to provide her children

”with care, supervision, and services that a prudent person would consider necessary.”

Police arrested Torres on one count of child neglect without cause of great harm.

She was released early Sunday, after posting bond.

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