One station's major gas price hike, all in a day's work

One station’s major gas price hike, all in a day’s work

(As originally published with the “before” photo, Wed, March 9th 2022, 7:48 PM EST)

MANGONIA PARK, Fla. (CBS12) — How quickly are gas prices rising? How about 20 cents in nine-and-a-half hours!

That happened Wednesday at the 7-Eleven at 45th Street and Australian Avenue in Mangonia Park.

Wednesday morning, a CBS12 article on the record high price of a regular gallon of gas in Florida used a photo from there, taken just before, at 9 a.m.

That was on the way to work. Notice the price was an expensive $4.199.

Then, at a red light on the way home at 6:30 p.m., the price had gone up another 20 cents to a whopping $4.399!

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One station's major gas price hike, all in a day's work
Gas prices jumped 20 cents in just 9 hours on March 9, 2022. (Lenny Cohen, WPEC)

The Marathon station to the west on 45th Street charged the same $4.399, but the Sunoco right across the street from the 7-Eleven only asked for $4.199 — the 7-Eleven price from the morning.

For anyone keeping track, this means this 7-Eleven’s price went up 40 cents per gallon from Monday to Wednesday.


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