Lovers' spat ends with girlfriend facing robbery, battery, resisting, drug charges

Lovers’ spat ends with girlfriend facing robbery, battery, resisting, drug charges

(As originally published, Fri, April 8th 2022, 5:40 AM EDT)

BOCA RATON, Fla. (CBS12) — An argument at a Boca Raton high-rise ended with the girlfriend being forced to the ground, and then taken to a hospital and jail.

Now, she’s facing several criminal charges for what happened before and after she encountered police.

A Boca Raton police officer wrote that he responded to the scene on Mizner Boulevard last Friday afternoon, April 1.

The 68-year-old victim told 911 dispatches that his 32-year-old girlfriend, Sheyana Eorio, “was preventing him from leaving his apartment during a verbal altercation.”

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The police officer heard trouble when he got into the victim’s building.

“Upon arrival, I was standing in the lobby attempting to get to the 9th floor,” he wrote in the arrest report. “I overheard loud screaming and banging coming from inside the elevator as it was descending. When it finally touched down and open, I observed [the victim] and Sheyana inside the elevator. I ordered both to sit down and waited for backup to arrive.”

According to the arrest warrant, the victim told police, “Sheyana entered his apartment and began confronting him about issues in the relationship. [He] did not feel safe and called 911. While speaking with dispatchers, Sheyana grabbed the phone out of his hand and threw it to the side. [He] then attempted to leave the apartment and entered the elevator outside his unit. While standing inside the elevator, Shana grabbed [the victim] by the waist and attempted to pull him outside of the elevator against his will. After failing several times, the two descended down to the lobby floor where Shana began punching and kicking [the victim]. During this encounter, he sustained a small scratch on his left forearm.”

The officer wrote that Eorio told him, “She did pull the phone from [the victim]’s hand while he was speaking to 911. She stated she ‘bear hugged’ [the victim] around the waist to prevent him from leaving as she still wanted to discuss their issues.”

Then, a difficult arrest.

The officer wrote, “As I attempted to place handcuffs on Sheyana with the assistance of [another officer], she began tensing and bracing in an attempt to avoid being arrested. [The two officers] brought her down to the ground and [a third officer] assisted in handcuffing as well. As we attempted to bring her hands behind her back, Sheyana scratched my right index finger, drawing blood. Additionally, she scratched [the third officer]’s left forearm drawing blood as well.”

Then, Eorio was taken to a hospital to be medically cleared before going to jail, and the arrest report said, “she refused to provide her name obstructing the investigation.”

Eorio was charged with robbery by sudden snatching, for taking the phone from the victim’s hand; depriving the use of 911, when the victim was giving information to dispatchers; two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer; resisting with violence; and resisting without violence, for refusing to provide her name.

She was taken to the Palm Beach County jail and turned over to hospital staff, but there’s more.

The second officer from that incident wrote another arrest report. It said that when Eorio was arrested, she had a purple purse that she said was hers.

Lovers' spat ends with girlfriend facing robbery, battery, resisting, drug charges
Sheyana Eorio was charged with robbery and battery, and then drug charges, April 1, 2022. (Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“I collected the purse, placed it in the trunk of my marked Boca Raton police vehicle and brought it back to the Boca Raton Police Department. I conducted an inventory search of the purse (search incident to arrest), so all Eorio’s property could be brought with her to [jail]. While conducting the search I located in unlabeled prescription pill bottle that contained a total of 11 miscellaneous pills inside. I contacted Poison Control and spoke with ‘Frank’ who, after I gave a brief description of the pills, helped identify what they were.”

  • The officer wrote there were two orange pills with “b 974” printed on one side and “3 0” on the other. They were identified as Adderall, schedule 2 drug.

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  • One white pill with blue dots and “50 30” printed on one side and “V” printed on the other was identified as phentermine, a schedule 4 drug that acts as an appetite stimulant.

  • Two green and white capsules with “Tarot D100” printed on them were identified as doxepin, an antidepressant, which is not a controlled substance but does require a prescription.

  • Four white oval pills with “D 24” printed on them were identified as gabapentin, an anti-anxiety and muscle relaxer, which is also not a controlled substance but does require a prescription.

  • And two white oval pills with “IP 465” printed on them. They were identified as ibuprofen. The dosage wasn’t mentioned, but the report also said it’s not a controlled substance but does require a prescription.

Eorio was charged for each of the 11 pills found in her purse: 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance and 8 counts of unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

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