Detectives charge Nick, 15, and Doo Doo Bug, 14, with attempted murder and more

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BELLE GLADE, Fla. (CBS12) — Two teenage boys known by their nicknames, at least to both of their alleged victims, are in big trouble. They’re accused of shooting into a car with two acquaintances inside — wounding the driver — and they’re only 15 and 14 years old.

Each faces a few felony charges including one in which they’re being tried as adults.

The pair, referred to as Nick and Doo Doo Bug, were arrested Thursday but the shooting happened a month ago.

According to both arrest reports, the gang unit sergeant at Lutheran Services in Belle Glade called a detective with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office about a car with two people being hit by bullets.

This was on Monday, May 2, just after 11 a.m.

There were two victims. A 21-year-old man who was the driver was shot in his leg and taken to the hospital. A 17-year-old boy who was the passenger remained at the scene.

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A sergeant told the detective who wrote the arrest reports, “It appeared as though the vehicle that had been shot at attempted to defend themselves by returning fire and that a .380 caliber handgun was located in the victim’s vehicle.” A possible suspect was taken into custody, but his name is not mentioned any further.

The arrest reports said, “I observed yellow crime tape preserving the crime scene. Within the yellow tape I observed a black Mitsubishi Outlander [license plate] that had sustained damage from a traffic crash with debris in the roadway, as well as an additional vehicle that had been struck by gunfire. Additionally, I observed several spent 9mm shell casings.”

It wasn’t until the next day that the detective was able to watch surveillance video.

He reported seeing “Two male suspects emerge into camera view at the northwest intersection of SW 8th Street and B Place. They appear to be walking away from a female pushing a baby stroller.” They cross the street and seem to be looking at something out of camera view. Then, they’re back, along with a black SUV traveling westbound on B Place, slowly trying to turn southbound onto SW 8th Street. “The SUV then slows down and appears to become indecisive and begins to reverse, and then stop at the northwest corner of SW 8th Street and B Place.”

At the same time, the reports said the two suspects watched the SUV from the corner of SW 8th Street and Avenue C. The SUV started heading southbound on SW 8th Street, past the suspects, who “both point firearms at the vehicle and open fire.” Both shooters ran eastbound while continuing to fire at the SUV.

Then, everyone involved ran on foot.

“The SUV crashes into a fixed object at the corner of SW Avenue C Place and SW 8th Street. [Two victims] emerge from the front passenger door the vehicle and run westbound on SW Avenue C Place,” while the suspects ran around the neighborhood separately. The arrest reports described their routes until they separately went into an apartment near the corner of SW 8th Street and Avenue D.

Authorities did a records check of that apartment and found a 15-year-old boy lived there with his mother.

I ain’t no snitch but y’all need to holla at them short ones, Nick and Doo Doo Bug.

Next, the detective writing the reports spoke to the 17-year-old passenger of the SUV. The reports said, “While riding as a passenger in his brother-in-law’s vehicle, he observed two males with masks on standing on the corner with one of them pointing a gun at their SUV. At that time, he told [his brother-in-law] to duck. Then he heard gunshots. He advised they began to speed in order to get away from the gunshots when they crashed into an unknown object. They both jumped out of the vehicle and began to run when his brother-in-law was shot in the leg. [The passenger] advised he continued to run prior to being apprehended by PBSO deputies. [The passenger] provided a description of two males who appeared to be short. Upon completion of the sworn recorded interview, [the passenger] uttered ‘I ain’t no snitch but y’all need to holla at them short ones, Nick and Doo Doo Bug.’ When asked to elaborate, [the passenger] refused and stated, ‘I ain’t no snitch.’”

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Nickbrice Love Sainvilus and Donnell Johnson, aka Nick and Doo Doo Bug, June 2, 2022. (Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office)

It turned out, gang detectives were familiar with the teens identified as Nick and Doo Doo Bug. Donnell Johnson, aka Doo Doo Bug, is 14 years old and 5-foot-8 tall, while Nickbrice Love Sainvilus, aka Nick — whose home they went into — is 15 and 5-foot-6.

Another detective spoke with the driver, and the reports said he and his girlfriend’s younger brother ‘AJ’ left his sister’s home in his girlfriend’s Mitsubishi SUV and began driving towards the intersection. They saw “two masked males standing to their right, with a female, who was pushing a baby carriage. [The driver] advised he felt something wasn’t right so he drove straight through the intersection. However, they immediately encountered a second group of masked males (4 persons) who were standing to their catty-corner right. [The driver] told me, fearing for their lives, he put the Mitsubishi in reverse and backed up. [The driver] stated he saw the first two males brandish firearms and start shooting at them, which caused him to accelerate and ultimately crash. [The driver] said he and his girlfriend’s brother exited the vehicle out through the front passenger side door and fled on foot back to his residence.

“[The driver] stated when the suspect males began shooting at them, he brandished his M&P .380 handgun and fired back, out the driver’s side window. [The driver] said prior to exiting the Mitsubishi he was shot in his left ankle.”

Also, he described the two gunmen, plus “one of the males in the secondary group [clothing description] believed that male to be nicknamed ‘Danny Boy’ who resides in the ‘blue building on 8th Street.’ [The driver] described another male as [clothing description] believed to be one of the shorter males to be nicknamed ‘Bug.’”

Then, the detective asked an agent to help with the surveillance video and according to the supplemental report, “I observed the male wearing the light-in-color t-shirt to actually be wearing a purple-in-color t-shirt on with light in color wording on the front and also to be wearing light in color shorts at the time. As I continued to observe this specific male, I was able to positively and clearly identify the male to be Nickbrice Sainvilus. It should be noted that I was able to positively identify the male as Sainvilus due to dealing with him on several occasions while operating in a law enforcement capacity. Sainvilus ran eastbound along the property’s fence line and then placed an item into his left side waistband area and continued to hold that item as he ran.”

Apparently, the clothes made a difference.

This shirt appears to be the exact shirt depicted in the video of the shooting incident.

“Upon locating Nickbrice’s Instagram account [handle], I observed the photograph that Nickbrice posted where he was wearing a purple-colored t-shirt with a box design in the middle, with brand ‘FILA’ written in white and yellow lettering in the center. This shirt appears to be the exact shirt depicted in the video of the shooting incident.

“Upon further investigation, it was determined that PBSO deputies made contact with Donnell and Nickbrice on 4/20/2022 reference [case number]. At that time, deputies conducted a Field Interview Report [number]. Photographs were taken of Donnell who was wearing a maroon-colored hooded sweatshirt with white lettering and a design on the front.”

Then, the detective who wrote the arrest reports watched video that showed the home of ‘Doo Doo Bug’ just after the shooting. “At approximately 11:07 a.m., maroon 2dr vehicle arrives in front of the trailer, followed within seconds by a silver 4dr vehicle. A female exits the maroon vehicle. She starts toward the trailer but redirects and quickly meets up with a silver vehicle and appears to be handed an item, which she then brings inside of [the home’s address]. A male is then seen exiting the silver car and getting into the maroon vehicle.

…captured on video wearing the same maroon-colored hooded sweatshirt…

“Upon review of additional electronic surveillance located at [a nearby store], it was discovered that the day previous to the shooting incident on May 1, 2022, Donnell was captured on video wearing the same maroon-colored hooded sweatshirt with white lettering and a design on the front as well as camo-colored pants. It should be noted that [the store with the camera] is approximately 0.2 miles from the shooting incident, a three-minute walk.”

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Finally, a second interview put the last pieces of the puzzle together.

…he had known Doo Doo Bug since he was in the 8th and 9th grade…

On May 9, the detective spoke with the 21-year-old driver for more information and wrote he “confirmed several aspects of the original statement he provided to [another detective], he now referred to the two suspects as ‘Doo Doo Bug’ and ‘Nick.’ He advised that during the original statement, he did not want to be looked at as a snitch, therefore he decided to say he did not know who the shooters were because they were masked. [The driver] also stated he was fearful of retaliation. [The driver] advised he was familiar with Doo Doo Bug from previously living in the same area of him. He advised he had known Doo Doo Bug since he was in the 8th and 9th grade, approximately 4 to 5 years. He stated he had previously played basketball and games such as ‘Knick Knock’ with Doo Doo Bug. [The driver] advised he was familiar with Nick from having been around all the other neighborhood guys. He stated he’s seen Nick approximately 10-20 times previous to the shooting incident. [The driver] also provided accurate physical descriptions of both suspects.

“Based on the age of both suspects, there was a lack of photographs that would have satisfied legal requirements to conduct a proper photo array. [The driver] was presented with familiarization photos of both Nickbrice and Donnell. [The driver] accurately identified both suspects, he dated and initialed next to both familiarization photographs.”

For the purpose of pressing criminal charges, “It should be noted that Donnell Johnson was adjudicated delinquent as of May 29th, 2020, for grand theft of a firearm.”

Nickbrice Sainvilus, aka Nick, is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, and one count of being a delinquent in possession of a firearm. He’s being prosecuted as an adult on that last charge.

Donnell Johnson, aka Doo Doo Bug, is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm, and one count each of shooting into or throwing deadly missiles into an occupied conveyance and being a delinquent in possession of a firearm. He’s also being prosecuted as an adult on that last charge.

Both were booked at around 2 p.m. Thursday and they were denied bond. Both are locked up in Palm Beach County’s Main Detention Center.

No motive for the shooting was given.

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