Possible medical issue leads to chase, crash into patrol car, fight, 6 deputy injuries

Possible medical issue leads to chase, crash into patrol car, fight, 6 deputy injuries

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A man in town from Maryland faces 16 criminal charges after a series of incidents on the road, and he spent time in the hospital before being booked into jail.

A community service aide with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office “was actively working a crash” just before noon on May 20 when she mentioned a man in a gray Nissan Altima acting erratically.

The arrest report said he “was blocking southbound traffic with his vehicle and would not let traffic around him at the intersection of Haverhill Road and Loring Drive,” west of West Palm Beach. He was not involved in the crash, and the story would end after another crash, almost four miles away.

CBS12 News has learned the details after covering the series of violent incidents when they happened.

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“[The community service aide] said over the radio she was not approaching him because of his behavior. With that, [two deputies] responded simultaneously [and found the CSA] had the road blocked off so that other cars wouldn’t come near his vehicle,” one of the deputies wrote. “As I passed his vehicle, his window was down, and I could see he was yelling and screaming within the vehicle. This male was the sole occupant to the vehicle and later identified as Jerome Andre Shemar Dawkins, 35.”

The deputies made U-turns, turned on their emergency lights and tried to stop Dawkins’ car.

The arrest report continued, “Dawkins came to a stop with his vehicle straddling both southbound lanes of Haverhill Road. As we exited our vehicles and attempted to approach, I gave him loud verbal commands to roll down his windows which he had rolled up after the initial pass. Dawkins then drove his vehicle away from us and ignored commands. We got back into our vehicles to follow which did not go over speeds of 20-25 mph. As we approached the intersection of N. Haverhill Road and Roebuck Road, [the deputies] deactivated our lights, due to the driver driving through the red light. We did not pursue due to it being a red light and we didn’t want to create a hazard for the community.

“Once safe, [the deputies] continued to follow the vehicle being driven by Dawkins and reactivated our emergency lights and siren. Dawkins was still driving southbound on Haverhill Road. He again stopped his vehicle, and we gave him verbal commands via the PA system. He continued southbound, rolled down his window, took a bottle of water, opened it, and started throwing it on himself which I recognized to be a possible excited delirium event. During this whole time, all interactions observed were being broadcasted via radio. Based upon all the facts of the situation, it was determined by the command duty officer and watch commander that stop sticks would be authorized on the vehicle. Dawkins was approaching a major intersection, at Haverhill Road and Okeechobee Boulevard, which is a very busy intersection.

“[Somebody else] deployed his stop sticks on the vehicle, which was effective in deflating the tires of Dawkins’ vehicle. The vehicle eventually comes to a stop at Haverhill Road, just north of Okeechobee Boulevard. We again gave verbal commands via PA system for him to exit his vehicle to which he ignored and proceeded to drive south towards the intersection. Fearing a major accident, [another deputy] ordered two marked vehicles to block Okeechobee Boulevard traffic east and west at Haverhill Road so that Dawkins wouldn’t cause an accident within the intersection. I activated my siren to warn other vehicles as Dawkins proceeded into the intersection. As [the other deputy] approached the intersection in his marked vehicle, traffic began to adhere to his presence. As traffic was stopping and [the deputy] was stopped in the middle of the intersection and Dawkins approached, he sped up and took a direct trajectory toward [the deputy’s] vehicle. Dawkins’ vehicle struck [the deputy’s] vehicle at the front passenger side fender and wheel which disabled it and also caused him (Dawkins) to come to a stop directly in the middle of the intersection. Deputies immediately and continuously gave verbal commands via the PA system for Dawkins to exit his vehicle. Dawkins refused all commands from the deputies to exit his vehicle.

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Possible medical issue leads to chase, crash into patrol car, fight, 6 deputy injuries
Jerome Andre Shamar Dawkins faces charges from a chase, crash and fight. Scene, May 20, 2022. (WPEC) Mugshot, June 1, 2022. (Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“Based on the failure to comply and the windows of the vehicle being tinted, I utilized my 40 mm weapon system to break the driver side window which was up. The tinting was blocking us from seeing Dawkins and what he was doing in the vehicle. Dawkins would not produce his hands so we could confirm he was not armed. I then again utilized my 40 mm weapon system to break the back driver-side window, which caused a hole in the window, but due to the tint, the windows stayed intact. [Somebody else] then approached the window and broke out the rest of it. As a result of breaking the windows, the side airbags deployed and made it impossible to see inside the vehicle. At this time, we repositioned to the passenger side and broke out the passenger window of the vehicle. [Somebody else] cleared the window with his baton, allowing us to see inside the vehicle. Dawkins remained defiant of verbal commands and kept his left hand concealed on the left side of his body. Dawkins continued to refuse verbal commands to show his hands and exit the vehicle. At this time, I utilized my 40 mm weapon system and deployed one round to Dawkins’ right side where his rib cage and stomach meet, which had no effect on him. I reached in, unlocked the door, and opened it. [Someone else] entered the vehicle to put the vehicle in park, being we recognized it was still in drive. I went back to the driver side of the vehicle, opened the driver side door, and placed my hands on Dawkins in an attempt to remove him from the vehicle.

“[Somebody else] was able to get the vehicle in park as Dawkins began to strike and fight with him. [The other deputy] began to yell, ‘He is biting me, he biting me,’ as Dawkins bit his [name] left arm. At one point during the struggle, deputies were yelling that Dawkins had [that person] in a headlock. [The other deputy] was able to free himself and begin to deliver strikes to Dawkins’ face.

“At this time, [another deputy] utilized his dark firing stun gun and deployed it on Dawkins. This stopped Dawkins for a moment. Then he continued to fight and resist. [Another deputy] attempted to deploy his dart-firing stun gun which failed to fire. [Somebody else] then utilized the dart-firing stun gun and delivered a drive-stun into Dawkins’ right side. This caused Dawkins to swing at [the other deputy], hitting his hand which was holding the dart-firing stun gun. [The other deputy] completed a second drive-stun to Dawkins’ right bicep. At that time, Dawkins utilized both of his hands, grabbed [the other deputy’s] right hand which was holding the dark-firing stun gun and pulled him off his balance and into the vehicle. [The other deputy] broke loose from Dawkins’ grip and completed two closed fist strikes to his right side. [The other deputy] backed out of the vehicle and switched to his OC [oleoresin capsicum/pepper] spray. [The other deputy] deployed his OC spray on Dawkins while he was swinging and striking [the other deputy] in the hands. [The other deputy] dropped the OC spray and deployed two more closed-hand strikes to Dawkins’ right side. Dawkins then unclipped his seatbelt and unbuckled himself from the vehicle. At this time, I began to remove the driver-side airbag so that there was more room in the vehicle where Dawkins was sitting. Dawkins continued to fight and resist.

“At this time, I grasped his left arm and began to remove him from the vehicle. I experienced difficulties due to the facts [sic] that Dawkins was not wearing a shirt, wet and sweaty. We were able to remove Dawkins from the vehicle and got him to his feet. At this time, I attempted a leg sweep to take him to the ground, but Dawkins resisted. [Several deputies] and I tried to gain control of Dawkins who was fighting and resisting. He was actively resisting by tensing up, pulling back his arms with balled-up fists while yelling irrational statements about god. When applying the swarm technique, we were able to take Dawkins to the ground; however, we continued to experience issues due to him actively resisting aggressively and being wet. I was able to apply my handcuffs to his right wrist in order to control his right arm. As I attempted to control his right arm, Dawkins continued to resist and tried to pull his arm away. Dawkins refused to produce his left arm and had it under his body. At one point, he grabbed the handcuff with his left hand and would not release it. [Another deputy] who was also on scene assisting produced an additional pair of handcuffs which were utilized with the original handcuff I had on his right wrist. Utilizing two pairs of handcuffs, Dawkins was restrained. These handcuffs were double locked and checked for tightness. He was immediately set up in a recovery position based upon the totality of circumstances. We believed he was possibly in excited delirium state.

“While in this recovery position, Dawkins continue to try and fight the officers. As Palm Beach County Fire Rescue arrived on scene, I informed them of my belief that he was in excited delirium and requested them to administer ketamine based upon his state with hopes that the medication would calm his delirious state. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue medic attempted to administer it into his right thigh as Dawkins continued to fight deputies. [Somebody] attempted to assist with controlling Dawkins, at which time Dawkins forcibly spit in [to somebody]. [Somebody] redirected Dawkins’ head away, at which time I attempted to control his hips so that Palm Beach County Fire Rescue could administer the ketamine. At this time, Dawkins’ legs were hobbled, and he was transferred to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue stretcher, placed in an ambulance and transported to [the hospital] with officers in the ambulance and following behind.

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“While at the hospital, Dawkins forcibly spit in the face of one of the [nurses] who was treating him in the emergency room. Detectives responded to the hospital and took statements from the officers involved. It was learned that [one of the deputies] sustained three bite marks on his left tricep, injuries to both knees consistent with road rash and internal injuries to his right knee. He was punched in the face multiple times causing laceration under his nose and left ear. Dawkins spit saliva/blood into his face. [A second deputy] sustained injuries to both hands and scratch marks on the right hand and elbow. He also sustained injuries to both of his knees. [A third deputy] sustained scratches and laceration to her left pointer finger. [A fourth deputy] sustained injuries to his lower back and blood exposure to his right forearm. [A fifth deputy] sustained saliva/blood exposure to his mouth and face. I sustained injury to my left thumb.”

Jerome Andre Shamar Dawkins was charged with seven counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer/nurse, eight counts of resisting arrest with violence, and one count of fleeing to elude.

Dawkins wasn’t booked into jail for 12 days, until June 1 at 12:47 p.m. He was released In lieu of $65,000 bond the next afternoon at 3:04.

On June 13, he waived arraignment, entered a plea of not guilty and demanded a jury trial through his public defender. He’s next due in court on Aug. 26.

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