Man tells woman ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ stabs and tries to shoot her, PBSO says

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BELLE GLADE, Fla. (CBS12) — A man with a restraining order is accused of breaking into a woman’s apartment through a window, stabbing her and shooting at her — but the gun did not fire.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim had a restraining order against 47-year-old Crofton Harris of Belle Glade for repeated violence.

and began to stab her with a large rusty knife

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A Palm Beach County detective wrote Sunday night, he called the victim who “said she hung up on Harris and went to bed. She was awakened several hours later by Harris tapping her. She said Harris stated, ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ and began to stab her with a large rusty knife. She said she kicked at Harris and blocked some of the blows. She said she was stabbed on her leg, left hand, and right elbow.

the gun made a clicking sound and did not fire

“Harris then pulled out a black handgun from his pocket and pointed it at her head. He threatened to kill her as he pulled the trigger of the gun. [The victim] said the gun made a clicking sound and did not fire. She said they fought over the gun and during the struggle the gun went off, making a hole in her dress. She said her daughter [name] was able to get Harris off of her.

put the gun to his head and attempted to shoot himself

“Harris then put the gun to his head and attempted to shoot himself but the handgun wouldn’t fire. She said Harris took off his jacket and wrapped her right elbow to stop the bleeding. She said Harris left when law enforcement was called, and took the gun and knife with him. [The victim] was unsure how Harris got into her apartment because he doesn’t have a key. [The victim] sustained cuts to her right arm, right leg and right hand.”

she saw her mother’s arm covered in blood

Detectives said the victim’s daughter told them “she was sleeping when she heard her mother scream for her. She saw Harris on top of her mother, physically fighting with her. Harris is known to her because [blacked out]. She said she was trying to break them up in the living room when Harris discharged his handgun. She said Harris turned on the lights and this is when she saw her mother’s arm covered in blood. She thought her mother had been shot at first but her mother said she was stabbed by Harris. [The daughter] observed Harris in possession of a black handgun and a knife she called a ‘cane knife.’ She called 911 and Harris left the apartment with the handgun and knife. She said after Harris left, she noticed a window to the apartment was open. She said this window was usually locked.”

The cane knife was described as a small machete.

Crofton Harris is being held without bond for attempted 1st-degree murder, burglary with a weapon, firing into a dwelling, possession of a firearm by a felon, and contempt of court, Sept. 5, 2022. (Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office)

The arrest report said Harris, with the nickname “Boo Cat,” was arrested outside his home. He’d been “talking to himself. He was saying that he did not want to go back to jail. He also said that ‘I don’t know why she get me to this point.’ He also was saying something to the effect of I need to throw this gun in or under the house.”

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The report also said Harris admitted to accidentally cutting the victim and that “he removed his gray hooded sweatshirt and wrapped it around her arm. Crofton said that he felt bad for cutting [the victim] and wanted to kill himself. [The victim] began pleading with him not to do it and they began struggling over the knife. He eventually left out the front door and shortly after tossed the knife. … He denied several times that he had a gun. During the interview, he admitted to knowing about a restraining order that [the victim] had obtained and he was a convicted felon.”

That restraining order was served on July 15 and was active until Oct. 15. Crofton had been convicted of aggravated battery in 1996 in Broward County.

Now, he’s charged with attempted first-degree murder, burglary with a weapon, firing into a dwelling, possession of a firearm by a felon, and contempt of court for violating the protection order.

He was booked at 9:31 a.m. Monday and is being held without bond.

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