Police: Couple invited 14-year-old girl to a movie but performed a sexual nightmare

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HIALEAH, Fla. (CBS12) — A young couple from South Florida is in trouble for allegedly playing adult games with a teenage girl.

Hialeah police say 23-year-old Enmanuel Martinez and his 18-year-old girlfriend Jocelyn Gomez asked a 14-year-old girl Gomez knew to the movies last Tuesday, Aug. 30.

But police say they picked her up and brought her to their apartment instead.

They started watching a movie but ended up playing Spin the Bottle in the bedroom.

**Warning: Graphic depictions of sexual abuse to a minor.**

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dared the victim to take her t-shirt off

According to the arrest report, “The victim was daring [Martinez] and [Gomez] to normal things, such as sing and dance. [Martinez] then dared the victim to take her t-shirt off and the victim told him no several times. [Gomez] then began to entice the victim to take her t-shirt off.

she felt uncomfortable kissing him

“The victim then took off her t-shirt and then she placed it back on. [Gomez] then began to entice the victim to kiss [Martinez]. The victim told [Gomez] that she was not going to because that was her boyfriend and she did not see him like that. [Gomez] then told the victim that it was OK because they have done this for about a year. The victim replied to [Gomez] that she felt uncomfortable kissing him.”

The report said Martinez “kissed her on the mouth without her consent” and would not take her home because he was aroused.

Then, it said he exposed himself at the victim, she told Gomez to “control her boyfriend,” but Gomez responded, “to let him finish and they could leave.”

he pinned her down as he was holding her by her arms

After that, he “approached the victim as she was sitting down and pushed her backwards onto the bed and he pinned her down as he was holding her by her arms. The victim stated she tried to get up; however, [Martinez] refused and he wouldn’t let her go. The victim stated that [Gomez] was sitting on the bed watching. The victim stated that she was trying to move [Martinez] off her as she was telling him no several times. [Gomez] was telling the victim not to think of him as her boyfriend. [Gomez] then told the victim that they have done this before as [Martinez] was touching/fondling the victim. The victim stated that [Martinez] told her she has been the hottest friend that [Gomez] has brought and he has touched.”

remained quiet because she was in fear

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Enmanuel Martinez and Jocelyn Gomez are accused of luring a 14-year-old girl to their apartment, Sept. 3, 2022. (Miami-Dade Corrections)

Then, the report said he began touching under her shorts with his fingers and “the victim was able to push [Martinez] on his chest. The victim stated that [Gomez] asked her for a kiss and she was in shock, and [Martinez] grabbed her by her throat as he was squeezing and pinning her to the bed. The victim was able to hit [Martinez] to release his hold. The victim stated that she didn’t say anything and remained quiet because she was in fear that [Martinez] would hit her, or that he wouldn’t take her home. The victim kept telling him no, and he told her that she did want it and that she was just shy.”

He told her to be quiet and the arrest report said he raped her without a condom.

Eventually, the couple took the victim home and she said “they kept telling her that she couldn’t tell anyone because they could get in trouble. When she arrived home, she began to cry and she texted a mutual friend who knows [Gomez] and had warned her about [Gomez]. The friend then urged her to tell the victim’s father. The victim stated that she was in fear to say anything because she feared [Martinez] would harm her or her family.”

The arrests wouldn’t happen for a few more days.

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Gomez’s arrest report said that on Friday, Sept. 2, “Law enforcement conducted a controlled call” and she “provided an incriminating statement and corroboration to the crime, and her involvement.”

According to the report, “[Gomez] said she and [Martinez] picked the victim up at her home and drove to her apartment. [Gomez] said once at the apartment, they began to tell stories and watch movies. [Gomez] said nothing sexual in nature occurred between her, [Martinez] and the victim. When asked about a phone call conversation with the victim, [Gomez] invoked her rights.”

Martinez’s arrest report said he “provided a full confession.”

Enmanuel Martinez is charged with two counts of sexual battery on a person 12-17, one count of lewd or lascivious exhibition, and one count of lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim 12-15.

Jocelyn Gomez is charged with lewd or lascivious battery, not reporting sexual battery, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and felony battery.

Both are reportedly out of jail on bond. Neither is being held by Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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