Sex battery suspect told girl to 'hide' with him, then ran 800 miles away, detective says

Sex battery suspect told girl to ‘hide’ with him, then ran 800 miles away, detective says

(As originally published, Fri, November 25th 2022, 4:30 AM EST)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Authorities got this case in January and perhaps even more disturbing than the details, they said at the time, “The latest of many reported incidents occurred within the last 16 hours.”

**Warning-this story contains graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.**

A Palm Beach County detective wrote a deputy told him, “Her fact-finding investigation revealed eight-year-old [name] disclosed she had been inappropriately touched and sexually battered by [relationship] Esdres Rivera Vasquez.”

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Details on the relationship were blacked out in the report. So were other names, but the suspect and alleged victim had known each other for at least three years. Apparently, he lived in her home, and the report mentioned the suspect lived in West Palm Beach.

The victim’s mother found out there was trouble the night before, when the victim “told her she was not feeling well, describing her feeling sick to her stomach and tired. After putting her to bed and laying with her, [the victim] disclosed in addition to her headache and upset stomach, she said ‘my peepee hurts.’

“[Her mother] assumed [the victim] had a urinary tract infection and put a medicinal cream on it to relieve [the victim]’s discomfort. [The victim] disclosed ‘[nickname for the suspect] touches me,’ describing her vaginal area. [The victim] also disclosed [the suspect] rubs her with his hand and forced her to touch his [body part].

Rivera Vasquez left the home and hadn’t returned since

“[The mother] consequently confronted Rivera Vasquez about touching [the victim] inappropriately and stated if he did, she would be unable to ever forgive him. Rivera Vasquez denied ever touching [the victim] or engaging in any inappropriate sexual behavior. Since the confrontation, Rivera Vasquez left the home and hadn’t returned since, advising no one would believe him over an eight-year-old child.”

The detective decided to hold a recorded phone call between the mother and the suspect, who she called Salomon.

Sex battery suspect told girl to 'hide' with him, then ran 800 miles away, detective says
Esdras Rivera Vasquez was charged with three counts of sexual battery on a victim under 12 and two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation on a victim under 12, Nov. 21, 2022. (Palm Beach Co. Sheriff’s Office)

According to the report, “After a few seconds, Salomon answers the phone. [The mother] immediately asked Salomon (Esdres Salmon Rivera Vasquez) what was going on between him and [the victim]. Salomon acted confused and didn’t answer the question.

“[The mother] asked Salomon to talk about what happened. Salomon responded, ‘I’m scared.’ [The mother] told Solomon what makes him think that the police are going to believe him instead of [the victim]. Also, if he had nothing to hide, he should have stayed and faced the consequences. Salomon responded, ‘You think they would have believed me.’

“[The mother] told Salomon the accusation [the victim] made, like the fact that Salomon took [the victim] to the bathroom and touched her [body part] and… Salomon stated all he did was take off her boots and slap her butt. Salomon told [the victim], ‘You need to learn to take off your boots lazy butt.’

“[The mother] told Salomon that [the victim] explained to her how on one occasion Salomon kissed her [body part] and made her kiss his [body part]. [The mother] told Salomon that [the victim] described his [body part] to be brown and hard. Salomon responded, ‘She might have seen it on the internet.’ …

“Salomon tells [the mother] he is going to turn himself in but first, he needs to take care of some family issues. Also, he is looking for a lawyer because his word alone means nothing to the police. [The mother] told Salomon that running from the police makes him look like he is hiding something. Salomon stated he wasn’t running; he was still in Florida. Salomon also stated he has the right to get some stuff squared away before turning himself in.

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“[The mother] told Salomon she didn’t want him around the children or the house. Also, that he needed to send money for the rent. Salomon told [the mother] to sell his tools and a paint sprayer. After that, Salomon hung up the phone.

“[The mother] said after a short period of time had passed, Rivera Vasquez destroyed his phone and obtained a new one with a new phone number and discontinued contact with her. [The mother] said she had tried keeping tabs on him through family members, whom she said shielded him from her because of the allegation.”

he said he touches her that way because he said he loves her.

Then, the detective watched a child protection team office case coordinator interview the victim from an observation room. First, the case coordinator confirmed she understood the difference between the truth and a lie.

According to the report, “[The victim] said she was here today to talk to [the case coordinator] because her stomach hurt, and she threw up. [The victim] then began describing how Riviera Vasquez would put his hand on her ‘peepee,’ then pointed to her crotch area, stating he said he touches her that way because he said he loves her. Although, [the victim] said she doesn’t love him.

when you get married, this is ‘how we kiss all the time.’

“She continued explaining, he made a game of this which she said he would tell her to ‘hide’ with him and once out of view of either [other people] he would begin kissing her on the mouth and proceed to put his hands on her ‘peepee’ after they kissed. She described hiding was everywhere in the house, including [somebody]’s bedroom. She recalled Rivera Vasquez telling her when you get married, this is ‘how we kiss all the time.’

“[The victim] stated he kisses her with his lips on her lips, as she pointed to her lips, and moves his mouth in a circle when he kisses, while telling her not to tell [somebody]. This has occurred more than once, stating ‘a lot of times.’ Although, she said he never put his mouth anywhere else on her body.

“[The victim] then began talking about details of his unwanted sexual advances made towards her in the bathroom, [somebody]’s bedroom, and [another] bedroom when they would ‘hide.’ First, he would tell her not to tell [somebody] after he tells her ‘Let’s hide, then they kiss somewhere.’ [The victim] repeated Rivera Vasquez touches her ‘peepee’ with his hand while she pointed her finger towards her crotch area and advised he first puts his hand under her clothes before inappropriately touching her.”

That was roughly one-third of the conversation with the victim.

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The report continued after the interview, “A forensic medical examination was also completed, and a Sexual Battery Evidence Collection Kit was collected, in addition to two pairs of [the victim]’s underwear described as follows.

“SUBMISSION 4A: Pink Underwear
Male DNA was indicated of the following samples:
Inside front and back
Outside front and back.

“SUBMISSION 4B: Leopard underwear
Male DNA was indicated of the following samples:
Inside crotch
Inside front and back
Outside front and back.”

Then, on March 4, a judge granted a request for the PBSO tactical unit to serve a DNA search warrant to collect DNA samples from Rivera Vasquez.

As of August 25, the report said, “the DNA warrant hadn’t been executed due to the elusive Rivera Vasquez.”

A tactical agent tried to track Rivera Vasquez, “because he immediately fled from his residence of three years upon learning that [the mother] reported the crime to law enforcement.”

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It said, “Esdras Rivera Vasquez was tracked to several cities in the United States, beginning with Houston, Texas; then Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and finally Knoxville, Tennessee, for the last two to three months. Currently, Rivera Vasquez is believed to be residing in Knoxville, Tennessee.”

The agent was able to reach Rivera Vasquez by phone and reported, “He was unwilling to cooperate with this investigation and turn himself in, which was followed by stating he was in the United States and advised, ‘good luck finding me,’ before disconnecting the phone call with [the agent].”

The report was finished on August 25 and Esdras Rivera Vasquez, 35, was charged with three counts of sexual battery on a victim under 12 and two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation on a victim under 12.

The report does not say how, when or where the arrest was made but he was just booked in Palm Beach County on Monday, Nov. 21 at 10:26 p.m.

Rivera Vasquez is being held without bond. He has been at the Main Detention Center ever since.

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