Dozens of dogs found on property while child abuse suspects are held in jail

Dozens of dogs found on property while child abuse suspects are held in jail

(As originally published, Wed, February 1st 2023, 4:51 PM EST)

CASTLEWOOD, Va. (TND) — A severe case of child abuse that led to an amputation and two arrests has sheriff’s deputies and animal control officers concerned about dozens of dogs.

WCYB reports a child suffered severe frostbite to their lower extremities, which led to an amputation below the knee.

The Russell County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia arrested Rebecca Bremner on Jan. 19 on charges of felony child abuse and neglect. The 32 year old is being held without bond.

On the same day, Michael Park was arrested on the same charges in Forsyth County, N.C. The 43 year old is still there, awaiting extradition.

The complaint said Bremner told investigators the child was living in a box trailer for a couple of months, and the trailer had no windows. It also said a toilet in the trailer was changed about twice a week, and the child was given a bath in a hot tub located outside.

In preparation for serving a search warrant related to the child abuse investigation,” the sheriff’s office said, it “coordinated with Russell County Animal Control and animal control officers from two neighboring counties due to the large number of dogs seen on the property.

The sheriff’s office said personnel on the property found more than 40 dogs that “seemed to be healthy and well cared for. Sheriff’s office personnel fed the dogs and patched holes in the fence before leaving the property on the 19th.”

Dozens of dogs found on property while child abuse suspects are held in jail
Rebecca Bremner (left) and Michael Park were charged with felony child abuse and neglect, Jan. 19, 2023. (Southwest Virginia Regional Jail | Forsyth Co. Sheriff’s Office)

That led to the question of who would care for the dogs, with Bremner being held without bond and Park being held out of state.

The sheriff’s office said the next day, it asked Bremner “to surrender the dogs to the county; she refused.”

Instead, she made arrangements with relatives to feed and look after the dogs.

The sheriff’s office said it told “at least one of those individuals” it was concerned, and to reach out for help if necessary.

In the meantime, “The county has had contingency plans in place since Jan. 19th to deal with the dogs in the event that we have to pick them up.”

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