Fast food restaurant tries banning teens, pays the price with poor publicity

(As originally published, Thu, February 2nd 2023, 8:54 PM EST)

PERTH, Australia (TND) — Sometimes there are dress codes to enter a place, like needing shirts and shoes.

Sometimes, there are age restrictions, like being at least 21 to walk into a bar.

And, yes, requiring young people to have their parents with them at a movie theater or county fair is not unheard of.

But a fast-food franchise in western Australia may have taken the cake.

A Hungry Jack’s north of Perth put up a sign that read,

ATTENTION. Due to recent incidents any guests under 17 will not be served without guardian supervision. Regards, Hungry Jack’s Whitfords

The Courier Mail reports that dining spot drew attention, and not really in a good way.

Comments about the sign went viral on social media.

One person suggested banning red shoes, or young people needing their mother to buy a burger. Another mentioned needing ID to buy a whopper. A third, perhaps sarcastically, seemed in favor of the rule by being able to buy a burger without being terrorized by children and teenagers.

The paper quoted someone who said the restaurant’s staff may have been harassed by teens.

Reading between the lines, the sign says those under 17 won’t be served. It doesn’t say they can’t enter.

They won’t be giving it another try. A Hungry Jack’s spokesperson reportedly said the sign was removed.

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