OnlyFans mom sues school district over volunteering, seeks $100K

OnlyFans mom sues school district over volunteering, seeks $100K

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ORLANDO, Fla. (TND) — A parent is suing her children’s school district and not just because she stopped being allowed to volunteer when they found out about her adult website.

Victoria Triece claims in her lawsuit Orange County Public Schools in Florida violated her right to privacy and she wants a jury to award her more than $100,000 in damages.

** WARNING: Some of Triece’s social media posts with photos are included in this story, along with her actual complaint. **

According to her complaint, filed Jan. 24, “Victoria Triece is an approved OCPS [the district] ADDitions School Volunteer and has been an active volunteer for OCPS for the past 5 years.“

But that came to a sudden stop. “On or about October 13th, 2021, Ms. Triece was instructed by the principal at Sand Lake Elementary School that she could no longer be around children on school grounds. These instructions came from the Orange County Public School Board.”

Her suit says she looked for the reason.

“According to the ADDitions School Volunteer program, the only listed disqualifying factor is criminal activity. Ms.Triece has no criminal record and she submits to a criminal background check each year at the beginning of the school year to be eligible. She was not provided written notice of any reason that would make her ineligible in light of her satisfying all ADDitions School Volunteer requirements.”

As for the school district taking a second look, “It failed to provide Ms. Triece any notice of appeal rights despite the ADDitions School Volunteer program requiring it, denying her due process and appellate rights.”

Triece’s suit says she became famous outside the OnlyFans world more than a year ago because “the actions of OCPS violate the privacy protections provided under Florida’s Constitution.”

Florida, with a controversial Parental Rights in Education law commonly referred to as “Don’t Say Gay,” also has a section called “right of privacy” in its constitution.

Triece said the district illegally “made a public disclosure of private facts” during the summer of 2021.

That’s when, her suit says, “the principal at Sand Lake Elementary School learned that plaintiff had a private online presence including an online subscription service entitled OnlyFans.“

Then, “OCPS, through its agents, circulated and thereby published and disseminated plaintiff’s private photographs to OCPS staff and employees that were not in need of the information in an effort to demean and belittle the plaintiff.”

Also, “The OCPS publication of plaintiff’s private photos is highly offensive to a reasonable person and is not of a public concern. Plaintiff’s public persona and lifestyle are not impediments to her abilities to perform her duties as a mother.”

She also claims “her right to assemble with her children on school grounds has been unlawfully infringed upon [and] her right to attend functions with her children on OCPS property and to be free from governmental intrusion in her lifestyle choices has caused losses to the plaintiff.”

And finally, “As a result of OCPS’ improper actions, Ms. Triece has suffered shame, humiliation, mental anguish, hurt feelings, and aggravation, all at a great loss to the plaintiff.”

But Triece also claims the school district broke the state law on sexual cyber harassment because it “disseminated sexually explicit of the plaintiff to staff and employees without the consent of the plaintiff.”

According to her complaint, “The OnlyFans internet subscription website is not accessible to persons under the age of 18. [And] plaintiff retains a reasonable expectation that the images on her OnlyFans page will remain private outside of the permissions that are lawfully paid for and subject to the limitations of the dissemination of the images to others.

“Pursuant to disclosures and restrictions that each OnlyFans subscriber must accept and agree to abide by before accessing images, the plaintiff’s images are not to be disseminated to others without the express consent of the plaintiff.“

So, “Plaintiff reasonably expected that her sexually explicit images would not be shared with teachers, principals, staff of OCPS and media outlets despite consenting to the sharing of images with other persons on a restricted OnlyFans internet web page.”

Triece claims the school district “committed sexual cyber harassment” by emailing the pictures without consent, causing her “significant psychological harm, especially a mother that must face parents, teachers and staff that, upon information and belief, have had access to her sexually explicit images.”

The court docket does not yet contain a response from Orange County Public Schools district.

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