Montana rep files bill to ban blood donations from people vaccinated against COVID-19

Montana rep files bill to ban blood donations from people vaccinated against COVID-19

(As originally published, Thu, March 2nd 2023, 7:32 PM EST)

HELENA, Mont. (TND) — A Republican lawmaker in Montana is worried about blood transfusions from people who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, so he filed a bill to end donations from people who got the shot.

State Rep. Greg Kmetz’s bill has the short title “Prohibit donations of certain blood and blood products,” and the long and short of it is,

“A person may not knowingly donate whole blood containing gene-altering proteins, nanoparticles, high-count spike proteins from long COVID-19, or other isolates introduced by mRNA or DNA vaccines, mRNA or DNA chemotherapies, or other novel mRNA or DNA pharmaceutical biotechnologies.“

The bill goes on to say, “A person may not knowingly use, receive, accept, ship, transfer, or administer” any of that.

And, “A person in violation of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine not to exceed $500.“

Kmetz called the bill, formally introduced Feb. 17, “slightly controversial to say the least” near the end of a long Facebook post described as his “Week 8 Journal.”

He said a doctor in his district was “the true sponsor,” and she

“was suspicious of the trillion plus dollar program to vaccinate the whole earth for a disease that had over a 99% survival rate. She refused to buy into it from day one, and neither did I.“

Then, he said she connected it to inflammation of the heart muscle.

“As she continued in her practice, she noticed huge jumps in myocarditis cases in the young,” the post said. “She had never seen that before and started asking the famous question have you been vaccinated?“

Kmetz just took his seat in the Montana House in January. He did not specify the number of vaccine boosters or any company that manufactured the shots.

A senior researcher at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine thinks there can’t be a law that functions the way Kmetz intends.

Dr. Joe McArdle wrote, “No traces of mRNA actually remain in the blood after 3 weeks, so the whole thing is pointless. Also, all biologics authority in the US falls under the FDA, so once again. Big waste of time and money.”

Kmetz is not a doctor. He reportedly has a bachelor’s degree in industrial education from the University of Wyoming, and his bill is in the Health and Human Services Committee, of which he is not a member.

Monday, the committee voted to table the bill by a 19-1 vote.

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Most blood donation restrictions deal with safety: the donor’s and the recipient’s.

There are things like being at least 16 years old, weighing 110 lbs., in good health, feeling well, and waiting at least 56 days from a previous donation.

One restriction the Food and Drug Administration plans to review deals with “the deferral policy for men who have had sex with other men.”

In late January, it “issued a draft guidance recommending assessing donor eligibility using gender-inclusive, individual risk-based questions to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted HIV.”

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