Where Google says people have the strongest feelings about the indicted Donald Trump

Where Google says people have the strongest feelings about the indicted Donald Trump

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NEW YORK (TND) — Donald Trump may bash the media but he really loves being the subject of discussion, so it seems everyone has an opinion about him.

Despite all that information of various reliability, there’s also confusion about Trump at a time Americans are so politically divided.

Many Americans don’t understand why others love Donald Trump or hate him, and they’ve turned to a source used by both sides. They used Google searches to find answers.

The news that a New York grand jury indicted Trump broke on March 30.

In the 11 days since then, most Trump supporters blamed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. They called his investigation into alleged hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels — in order to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election which was then a month away — politically motivated. They also said Trump won’t get a fair trial in Manhattan.

That’s roughly half the country. Statistics from the other half don’t seem to understand that.

Those people took to Google and asked,

Why do people support Trump?

Yes, that question has been trending since Trump’s indictment.

According to Google Trends, that exact question skyrocketed by 1259.2% in the U.S. Massive, to say the least.

The state where people seem to be most confused, where the question was asked the most, was Missouri. Following the Show-Me state in asking were Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

A different phrase is popular with people who hate the former president, the only one impeached twice and now indicted on 34 felony counts:

Donald Trump sucks.

That phrase similarly skyrocketed since Trump’s indictment put him back at the top of the news cycle.

According to Google Trends, that search spiked by 1131.6%.

Google Trends used that phrase to determine where people seem to hate Trump the most.

Those states are Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

The most observant readers probably noticed Massachusetts and Ohio near the top of both lists. That means people in those states are most likely to doubt Trump’s innocence.

This analysis of Google Trends was first reported by averagebeing.com.

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