Convicted sex offender, 74, arrested for wearing Elmo costume at Utah farmer's market

Convicted sex offender, 74, arrested for wearing Elmo costume at Utah farmer’s market

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LEHI, Utah (KUTV) — A senior citizen who’s a registered sex offender is facing charges again after he was seen taking part in children’s activities at a farmer’s market.

Sheriff’s deputies said he didn’t just participate in the petting zoo, tractor-towed trailer rides, and “candy drops” from a helicopter, but he did so dressed in an Elmo costume — and was seen in social media posts.

Larry Neff Jarvis, 74, was booked into jail in Utah last Friday.

Detectives with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit said Jarvis violated his sex offender registry status.

Detectives searching social media found pictures of Larry Neff Jarvis at the farmer’s market. (Utah Co. Sheriff’s Office)

He’s one of the operators of the Lehi Farmers Market, which has been under investigation for years.

Then, last week, authorities said it was discovered that Jarvis had been living there and had not updated his address, as required by law.

Detectives found social media accounts for the Lehi Farmers Market, including Facebook and Instagram, with Jarvis seen multiple times dressed as the muppet from Sesame Street.

“Utah law requires that a person on the Sex Offender Registry have written permission from the parents of any child being accompanied by that person,” authorities wrote in a news release.

Jarvis was arrested for failing to update his sex offender registry address, a third-degree felony, and being a sex offender violation in a protected area, which is a misdemeanor.

He was booked and then released a few hours later, in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Larry Jarvis also agreed to Facetime with KUTV. Jarvis says,

I’ve been on this for 30 years and no other offenses,” Jarvis told KUTV. “I’m trying to improve myself and be helpful to others. I really am sorry that I offended everyone and apologize for any kind of fear or undue concern that I caused them, especially for my sweet wife and other people I know and worked with.

Convicted sex offender Larry Neff Jarvis, right, was reportedly dressed as the children’s character Elmo at a Farmer’s Market. (Simmons Bank Arena; Arizona Dept. of Corrections)

If they have concerns, I understand because there is such a stigma attached to the word sex offender,” he added. “There have been no new offenses or anything like that. Never had I intended to conceal or hide anything. I’ll do whatever is necessary to make things right.

Jarvis’ previous arrest happened back in 1995 in Arizona.

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