Jury watches hours of 'boy in the box' video: 'You wanna take this to the next level? Let's go!'

Jury watches hours of ‘boy in the box’ video: ‘You wanna take this to the next level? Let’s go!’

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — The jury in the ‘boy in the box’ case in Florida spent hours Thursday watching video of the 14-year-old victim, taken with a camera installed on the ceiling of the structure in the garage.

It was a look at what life was like for the boy while he was forced by his adoptive parents to live in the 8×8-foot area without windows.

UPDATE, Friday, Oct. 6: “Hours of yelling, cursing, even crying: More ‘boy in the box’ exchanges with adopted dad before state rested”

Investigators got nearly 21,000 video clips.

In one, the jury saw the boy’s behavior came into question and how his adoptive father, Timothy Ferriter — who’s on trial for false imprisonment and child neglect — responded.

”You wanna take this to the next level?” the father yelled. “Let’s go!”

Jurors saw the box that had a lock, a light switch, and an air conditioning unit controlled from the outside. Also, a mattress, a desk, a few posters, and a bucket that the boy had to use as a bathroom.

Jury watches hours of 'boy in the box' video: 'You wanna take this to the next level? Let's go!'
Defendant Timothy Ferriter shown in video evidence inside the box constructed for his adoptive son. The video was shown to the jury, Oct. 5, 2023. (WPEC)

He was left alone often, sometimes in the dark, and often away from the family, even during meals. He was let out for school and household chores.

”It’s sadistic punishment while he was in the room,” child psychiatrist Dr. Wade Myers testified.

The prosecution witness called the Ferriters’ actions towards their adoptive son malicious.

”There’s no set of circumstances concerning a child’s behavior that would justify this torturous behavior,” he said.

In fact, the expert in the field said the boy’s hours in insolation without any stimulation exacerbated his behavioral issues.

Previous court filings said the boy suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder, a condition that could develop if a child’s basic needs of comfort, affection, and nurturing are not met as an infant.

But during cross-examination, Myers admitted he never examined the victim to determine if that’s the case here.

The defense is expected to bring their own expert witness to discuss the boy’s medical and behavioral records.

News organizations could not show the boy — who’s now 16 — in the video, and they’re not naming him to protect his identity.

The boy’s adoptive mother, Tracy Ferriter, will be tried separately.

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