The verdict is in: Father of 'boy in the box' guilty on all charges, taken to jail

The verdict is in: Father of ‘boy in the box’ guilty on all charges, taken to jail

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (TND) — The jury found Timothy Ferriter guilty of all charges — false imprisonment, aggravated child abuse, and child neglect — and the father of the “boy in the box” expressed shock when the judge said he would not be going home, but rather booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

The jury delivered its verdict Thursday at 1:45 p.m.

The three men and three women on the panel had only begun deliberating Thursday morning after about eight days of testimony.

After nearly two hours, they asked to have testimony from the boy’s sister played back.

Then, there was a serious issue involving video evidence.

The verdict is in: Father of 'boy in the box' guilty on all charges, taken to jail
Timothy Ferriter was handcuffed and sheriff’s deputies brought him to the Palm Beach Co. Jail after his convictions, Oct. 12, 2023. (WPEC)

The jury had been given a thumb drive and the panel saw footage titled “Victim’s Arrest,” even though the victim had not been arrested.

Instead, it concerned the boy’s detainment after he ran away in early 2022 — a normal procedure for runaway kids, which got the police involved in this case.

Jurors watched an unedited version — which they should not have seen — since the court had previously ruled they could only see a “treated version.”

“To say I am displeased would be a massive understatement,” the judge said to the defense team.

Then, he instructed jurors to completely disregard the video and title of the evidence.

Ferriter faces 40 years in prison. His sentencing hearing was set for Nov. 16, but his lawyer said she’s planning an appeal. Ferriter had declined to take the stand in his own defense.

Sentencing Hearing by Lenny Cohen on Scribd

There was agreement in the testimony — from expert witnesses and also the victim, now 16 — that what the Ferriters did was a mistake, and wrong.

The jury watched unpleasant exchanges between father and son from a camera the parents had installed in the ceiling of the box.

Court Event Form Verdict by Lenny Cohen on Scribd

The victim called it “dehumanizing.” Even a defense witness called it “very inappropriate.”

The question was whether what they did was a crime and in Timothy Ferriter’s case, it was.

Timothy’s wife, Tracy Ferriter, is accused of the same crimes, and she will be tried separately. No date has been set.

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