Dad charged with infant's death between mattress and wall while he watched YouTube elsewhere

Dad charged with infant’s death between mattress and wall while he watched YouTube elsewhere

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COCOA, Fla. (TND) — The father of an infant and a toddler in Florida is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child in the death of his daughter, who was not even 3 months old.

Kevin Ryan Dorgan, 44, was arrested last Monday.

Police in Cocoa, on the Space Coast, said they got a call back on Sept. 5 about

“an infant who was found unresponsive and not breathing,” and “found face down on the floor in between a mattress on the floor and a concrete wall. The victim was found by the father who was identified…”

According to the arrest report, there was a 2-year-old also in the home at the time.

Police described the home as

“extremely dirty and had a foul smell of garbage and animal feces were visible on the floor. The kitchen counters were covered in dirty dishes and old food. … The room in the southeast corner where the victim was found had a medium-sized dirty stained mattress laying on the floor.

“The bed in which the infant was found had several blankets, pillows, a keyboard to a computer, a mouse to a computer, a television remote, two pillows that appear to be extremely soiled and dirty, three blankets, three pillows and a larger size stuffed animal on top of the mattress against the south wall.

“The mattress on the floor has approximately a 4-inch to 6-inch gap between the edge of the mattress and a concrete wall. Several empty 2-liter bottles are laying on the ground between the mattress and concrete wall. Several empty Coca-Cola bottles are laying on the floor between the mattress and concrete wall. Two extension cords were plugged into the wall next to the mattress. A dirty soiled pillow was laying in between the mattress and concrete wall. There were several wrapped up blankets, and pillows on top of the mattress. The room had a large pile of clothing and garbage on the floor next to the mattress.

“A Babytrend pack-and-play was also set up and appeared to be in clean condition approximately 2-feet from the mattress.”

Police said Dorgan told them,

“He put the victim down on her back on the mattress. He also stated he put a blanket on each side of the victim and a pillow on the mattress near her head, then left the victim alone in the room. The suspect stated he went back to the living room and was watching YouTube videos on at his desk. He then stated that his other daughter started ‘whining’ about her Elmo show. He stated he walked into the 2-year-old’s room to put her Elmo show back on. After he put the Elmo show back on, he walked into the other room and found the victim lying face down on the floor in between the mattress and concrete wall. He said the victim looked really bad and he called 911 right away.

“He said he does not know what time he left the victim on the mattress; however, he stated he checked on her approximately 15 minutes after leaving her on the mattress.”

Authorities said Dorgan gave them permission to search and they looked at his computer browser’s history and found 28 searches were conducted in the two hours between 5:57 and 7:56 p.m.

Dad charged with infant's death between mattress and wall while he watched YouTube elsewhere
Kevin Dorgan is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and he has been at the Brevard County Jail since Oct. 9, 2023. (Brevard Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Meanwhile, the infant was intubated, unstable, and in critical condition, and taken from a local hospital to a children’s hospital in Orlando.

The baby was pronounced dead more than a month later, this past Saturday, Oct. 7.

Investigators watched body camera video from the night of the incident and returned to the home.

They wrote in the arrest report, Dorgan

“invited us into the residence and offered to show … the location where the victim was found and offered to demonstrate how he placed her on the bed.”

Officers recorded the demonstration and Dorgan saying

“he cannot see either of the children from the living room and only checks on them when they start whining.”

The mother of the children, who had been at work during the incident, said

“she is the primary caregiver for both children during the daytime hours [and] stays home … until the suspect comes home from work.”

She described how she cared for the infant and the arrest report said she

“asked several times throughout the interview if the suspect was in trouble for the incident. The mother stated while she was at the hospital, she asked medical staff if there were any signs of the victim being shaken. When I asked her why she would think the baby was shaken, she replied that she just wanted reassurance as to what happened. The mother also requested to see body camera video from the night of the incident. When I asked her why she wanted to see the video, she stated it was to help her see what really happened. I asked the mother if she thinks the suspect would harm the victim intentionally. The mother continued to say this was an accident.”

Investigators concluded,

“He placed the victim that he knew was incapable of caring for or protecting themselves on a bed and left the victim for approximately 15 minutes unattended to watch videos on YouTube. He knew there were multiple crib/pack-and-plays in the residence to include next to the bed the victim was placed on, and chose not to place the victim in one, which he knew to be the safest option. The victim died as a result of falling between the bed and the wall, which could not have happened if the victim was properly placed in one of the cribs/pack-and-plays. He stated ‘he f***ed up,’ showing consciousness of guilt. The victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the incident.

“The suspect did engage in a course of conduct showing an entire lack of care which arose to a presumption of indifference to the consequences.”

Dorgan was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child. His “bond was set at $75,000 with the additional conditions that Mr. Dorgan is not to have contact with either his other child or his partner, [the children’s mother].”

He has been in the Brevard County Jail ever since, and filed a motion that he be released on his own recognizance, or that the amount of bail be reduced. Another bond hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 21.

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