Nearly 1M pressure cookers recalled due to burn hazard

Nearly 1M pressure cookers recalled due to burn hazard

(As originally published with additional photos, Fri, October 27th 2023, 5:06 PM EDT)

BETHESDA, Md. (TND) — People who own pressure cookers should be aware of this recall. It involves about 930,000 Insignia Multi-Function Pressure Cookers that pose a burn hazard.

The problem is the pressure cooker has incorrect volume markings on the inner pot. That can cause people to overfill the pot, which could lead to hot food and liquids being ejected when the pressure cooker is vented, using the quick release method, or opened while its contents are pressurized.

Best Buy, where most of the pressure cookers were sold, has gotten 31 reports of the contents expelling under pressure, including 17 reports of burn injuries, some of them second-degree and severe burns.

The inner cooker pots are black with a non-stick coating and embossed markings indicating cup and liter measurements. The electric pressure cookers and inner cooker pots are six- and eight-quart capacity.

The pressure cookers being recalled have model numbers NS-MC60SS8, NS-MC60SS9, and NS-MC80SS9. There are also inner cooker pots sold separately as replacements with model numbers NS-MCRP6NS9 and NS-MCRP6SS9.

Nearly 1M pressure cookers recalled due to burn hazard
Recalled Multi-Function Pressure Cookers, model no. NS-MC80SS9, Oct. 26, 2023. (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

They were sold at Best Buy stores, and online through Best Buy and Amazon, from October 2017 through this past June, for between $50 and $120.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says anyone with a recalled pressure cooker should stop using it and contact Best Buy by clicking here. Best Buy will replace the inner pot and floating locking valve for signaling pressure for free, for people who register online.

Some other advice from the feds: Check that the inner pot is not filled beyond two-thirds capacity, that the lid is fully locked before starting pressure cooking, and that the floating locking valve has dropped before trying to open the lid.

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