Car dealership owner convicted in $1 million murder-for-hire to cover up affair, stop extortion

Car dealership owner convicted in $1 million murder-for-hire to cover up affair, stop extortion

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TND) — A former executive for his family’s car dealerships has been found guilty of wiring more than $1 million to have his mistress and her estranged boyfriend murdered.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nashville announced two other men were also convicted, and a fourth person took a plea deal and cooperated with prosecutors.

The feds cited evidence that Erik Maund, of Austin, Texas, “had an extramarital affair with Holly Williams of Nashville,” and KEYE reported Maund would travel from Austin to Nashville to visit family and Williams.

That arrangement stopped when Williams’ estranged boyfriend, William Lanway, also of Nashville, “attempted to extort Maund about his affair with Williams.”

According to the feds, Maund hired Gilad Peled, who took the plea deal, to respond to the extortion attempt, and Peled subcontracted the job to Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey.

Peled testified that Lanway wouldn’t stop, so Maund agreed to pay Brockway and Carey $100,000 each to murder Lanway, 36, and Williams, 33.

Car dealership owner convicted in $1 million murder-for-hire to cover up affair, stop extortion
Erik Maund, center, arranged for the killings of Holly Williams and William Lanway, whose bodies were found in Williams’ car. (Metro Nashville Police Dept.)

On March 12, 2020, Brockway and Carey kidnapped Williams and Lanway and murdered them at a construction site.

The feds pointed to evidence that Maund wired Peled, the middleman, $150,000 the same day. Then, over the next year, he wired Peled $900,000 more for the murders, and Peled withdrew money to pay Brockway and Carey.

“This investigation began with the discovery of two murder victims, Holly Williams and William Lanway, inside a vehicle off a construction road in West Nashville on Good Friday 2020,” Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said. “Realizing that this elaborate criminal case reached far outside of Nashville, our team enlisted the help of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. It is that partnership that brought justice for the victims in federal court last week, and a partnership that will continue to hold violent criminals accountable in the future.”

Maund, 48, was convicted of murder-for-hire with death.

Brockway, 48, Adam Carey, 32, and Gilad Peled, 49, were also convicted of murder-for-hire with death, plus conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping with death resulting.

Maund, Brockway, and Carey all face mandatory life sentences when they’re sentenced next year. Peled will also be sentenced, but the judge will consider his cooperation.

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