Man's latest arrest was for possession of 2 controlled substances, exposure of sexual organs (again)

Man’s latest arrest was for possession of 2 controlled substances, exposure of sexual organs (again)

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CLERMONT, Fla. (TND) — A man in Florida is under arrest for at least the sixth time in two years. He was wanted for exposing himself at three locations, Wednesday night. Authorities say it wasn’t his first time. They also charged him with three other crimes.

Joshua Michael Brown’s arrest report said officers were “looking for a male subject who exposed his sexual organs inside of several local businesses,” with Target, a massage therapy parlor and a pizza place mentioned.

An hour earlier, at the massage location, the victim said “she was in her office when she heard the front door chime. [The victim] walked to the waiting area and saw a man standing at the front door. [The victim] said that she greeted the male, and he turned around, exposing his [body part]. The male subject asked [the victim] if this is a massage place. [The victim] immediately closed and locked the door to the waiting room.”

She also had surveillance video.

Then, authorities got a call from the Target “about a subject who had exposed himself to another female.” She was able to provide a vehicle description and license plate information.

The truck belonged to a woman but the computer “noted an involvement with a Joshua Brown. I ran Joshua on [the computer] and noted that he was very similar to the male suspect in the surveillance video,” according to the arrest report.

The truck was found in a nearby parking lot and so was a suspect who “matched the exact description.” Brown was detained and searched.

Police reported finding “a small plastic vial” in his left jeans pocket, which contained “circular shaped pills.” Two white pills “were identified as oxycodone, a Schedule 2 controlled substance,” and 20 yellow pills “were identified as Clonazepam, a Schedule 4 controlled substance.”

A sergeant read Brown his rights and “Joshua questioned why he was being detained. Joshua was advised that a detective would arrive on scene shortly to speak with him.”

That detective said since the victim from the massage location intended to prosecute, “Joshua would be charged with exposure of sexual organs, and since he was on probation for a prior conviction of the same charge back in December 19, 2017, it would be his second offense as well as a violation of his probation.

“Joshua was charged accordingly and also charged for being in possession of two controlled substances.

“Joshua began to complain of chest pain and was brought to the [hospital].

“While enroute to the jail, Joshua was much more coherent and advised he thought he was drugged, stating he had no idea he exposed himself tonight.”

That wasn’t all.

The officer requested Brown be denied bail “due to the several victims possibly being juveniles” at the pizza place “where Joshua exposed himself and also due to the fact that several other sworn written statements with signed intent to prosecute were obtained from victims.”

Brown, 32, was charged with exposure of sexual organs-second offense, possession of two illegal narcotics, and violation of his probation for burglary.

It turned out, he was offered bail. It was set at $14,000, but Brown remains behind bars.

He’d been arrested in Lake County, Fla., one other time this year and four times last year.

Man's latest arrest was for possession of 2 controlled substances, exposure of sexual organs (again)
Joshua Michael Brown was arrested 6 times in 2 years in Lake County, clockwise from top left, from Jan. 4, 2022, to Nov. 30, 2023. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

In April 2022, a sheriff’s deputy got a call in the middle of the night about “a mentally disturbed person” who “held an active Lake County warrant for failure to appear.”

The deputy arrived to hear “raised voices and sounds of a struggle” involving Groveland officers “giving the defendant verbal commands to stop running.”

The arrest report said they were chasing after Brown. One “deployed his taser” but couldn’t stop him. The other “tackled the defendant, at which point we began attempting to put him into custody. The defendant pulled away while on the ground and resisted all efforts to be handcuffed. After a brief struggle, the defendant was handcuffed and shackled,” and charged with resisting without violence.

The arrest a few months earlier was more serious. His friend’s parents were the victims. Brown and his friend were the suspects.

Brown and his friend were accused of stealing from their home, and the arrest report said they were caught on surveillance since the father told police “he has cameras in the home recording due to this happening previously.”

Jewelry and other property valued at approximately $1,510 were reported stolen.

According to the arrest report, in December 2021, “Joshua confirmed the items taken, and also confirmed the places the items were pawned and also who pawned them. Joshua informed officers he returned the items that were still in his vehicle. These items included the tent, the canopy, and the hammock.”

He spoke to officers again a few weeks later and said his friend “had told him that he can give him some gas money if he helps him sell some items to the local pawn shops. … Joshua stated that [the friend] told him that the items he was taking were his. I asked Joshua if he remembered seeing the doors deadbolted beforehand and he replied no, he did not. I asked him if he saw that those doors were now kicked open and he said that he was not paying attention to the doors. He stated that he may have been under the influence of narcotics at that time as he does not remember much of what happened that day.”

He said his friend lived in the garage of his parents’ home and was not allowed “in the bedrooms where he was taking the items. I asked Joshua if he knew who else lived in the residence with [his friend] and he replied saying his parents did. I then questioned him about [the friend] telling him on camera to grab whatever looks valuable and he stated that he did not remember that.”

According to the arrest report, “Joshua Brown can be seen on camera carrying a pressure washer out to his truck from the residence. That pressure washer was inside one of the rooms that were deadbolted.”

Brown was charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and grand theft.

His friend had already been arrested.

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