Man who called deputies to his home 'was not making sense,' arrested on drug charges

Man who called deputies to his home ‘was not making sense,’ arrested on drug charges

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A man in Florida called sheriff’s deputies to say “he had knocked out an intruder” but they found he “was not making sense and … appeared to be suffering from a mental illness or was intoxicated.”

In the end, they heard quite a story and arrested him on drug charges.

The deputies showed up late Saturday night and had to “enter his home through his garage due to the front door being blocked.”

The arrest report said Timothy John Henry told them “there was a ‘body’ lying in front of his front door. The defendant advised he had gotten into a fight with this individual and did not know if the individual was dead.”

Nothing like that had taken place.

“My investigation revealed a large duffel bag which contained a set of golf clubs was lying in front of the door,” a deputy wrote.

They also said Henry was talking about family “flying in and out of state but didn’t show up, a theft of a dog, and a woman and child inside of his trees.”

Despite that, he “knew who he was, where he was at, the date, who the president of the United States was, and how many quarters you needed to have one dollar.”

Inside, deputies wrote about finding marijuana in a glass jar on the kitchen counter and said Henry, “admitted he had used marijuana today and had been drinking alcohol.”

They wrote about finding drug paraphernalia all over the place: “the master bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen counter, and guest bedroom.

“The paraphernalia included rolling papers used to smoke marijuana, a red grinder which contained marijuana residue, numerous pipes used to smoke marijuana, and glass jars containing marijuana residue.”

There were also “several marijuana roaches in the master bathroom, kitchen counter, and guest bedroom,” plus, a green leafy substance “in the master bedroom, kitchen counter, and guest bedroom which tested positive as marijuana” and weighed 34.57 grams.

Then, in his refrigerator, “a small container which was labeled ‘Haze Live Badder Apple Banana Gelato’” with a yellow substance inside “which showed a positive result for the presence of THC.

Man who called deputies to his home 'was not making sense,' arrested on drug charges
Timothy John Henry was charged with (from left) DUI with property damage, June 2, 2014, and 4 drug charges – 3 of them felonies – Dec. 10, 2023. (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“I located a vape pen on the table next to the defendant’s bed which showed a positive result for the presence of THC.”

According to the arrest report, Henry said he bought “the marijuana legally through a dispensary; however, none of the marijuana was in a prescription bottle.”

He “had an expired medical marijuana card [which] he had not renewed.”

Also, he “admitted to most of the marijuana as being his” but some belonged to a friend with a valid medical marijuana card. That friend denied it.

Henry, 51, was arrested on drug charges: possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

His bail was set at $7,000 and he was released after five hours.

Henry’s other arrest in Sumter County was for DUI with property damage, back in 2014.

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