Man charged with threatening deputy niece, then battery on another during his arrest

Man charged with threatening deputy niece, then battery on another during his arrest

(As originally published, Thu, December 28th 2023)

SUMMERFIELD, Fla. (TND) — A man in Florida is accused of sending a threatening message to his niece, who happens to be a sheriff’s deputy, and his arrest a few days later is a different story involving another deputy’s Taser.

The first arrest report, from Dec. 13, said her uncle “texted her from an unknown number, making a threat that caused her to have a well-founded fear that he may attempt to carry out said threat.

“The victim advised she was able to determine it was the defendant, due to him calling her a nickname that only her family knows of, and advising his name was James Doyle Hatcher, which the victim advised the family calls him Uncle Doyle.”

There were actually three texts. The first asked if she was home, the second referencing the type of vehicle she drives, and the third “saying he has something she might be interested in but does not want to text it.”

She responded that “he was not welcome at her residence,” and he responded to her with that alleged threat.

The arrest report said Hatcher “has a long history of drug use and making/carrying out threats.”

It said he “should not know her address, phone number, or the vehicle she drives as she has not told him, and the rest of the family do not talk to him either, due to his drug addiction.”

Furthermore, she said she never posted “pictures of her personal vehicle,” and her social media “accounts are private so the defendant should not be able to see her postings.”

She did offer one possibility, which was that her grandmother “recently had one of her car keys and house keys go missing as well as documents containing personal information for multiple family members being rummaged through.”

On top of that, she said “the defendant is aware that she is currently a law enforcement officer and that he does not like LEO due to his multiple arrests.”

They did a criminal history check which showed Hatcher had convictions for drugs, theft and disorderly conduct, all out of state.

Finally, the deputy writing the arrest report wrote about trying to call Hatcher “multiple times at the number he texted from,” but it would ring once and go to voicemail.

In the end, Hatcher was going to be charged but he hadn’t been found or arrested.

The story picks up a few days later, after 3 a.m. on Dec. 16.

The same deputy who wrote the first arrest report conducted a traffic stop at a gas station because the car’s “registered owner had probable cause developed by” a different Sumter County deputy.

According to this arrest report, the deputy introduced himself “and explained the reason for the stop.”

Man charged with threatening deputy niece, then battery on another during his arrest
James Doyle Hatcher was arrested March 28, 2023, on 2 counts of failure to appear, and Dec. 16, 2023, for sending a written threat to commit bodily injury. (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Then, he “gave the verbal command to the defendant to place his arms behind his back as he was being placed under arrest,” but it didn’t go well.

“While I was grabbing his right hand,” the deputy wrote, “the defendant pulled away and raised his hands, to which I responded, giving the defendant loud verbal commands to stop resisting in place his hands behind his back.

“When I grabbed the defendant’s right hand and placed it behind the defendant’s back, he continued resisting and pulled away prior to handcuffs being in place.

“When I attempted to grab the defendant’s hand again, the defendant pulled away and pushed me with both hands, continued refusing to comply with my verbal demands and shouted [an expletive].

“I pulled out my agency-issued Taser 10 and pointed that to the defendant, giving loud verbal commands to place his hands behind his back, to which the defendant complied.”

Hatcher was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting without violence during his arrest.

He was also charged with intimidation by sending a written threat to commit bodily injury.

He was booked at 4 a.m. on Dec. 16 and no booking photo was made available.

Back on March 28, he was arrested on two counts of failure to appear, and he spent 10 hours in jail.

This time, he’s being held without bond.

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