Man was 'passed out' during his latest arrest 'with a shoe fully engulfed in flames,' cops say

Man was ‘passed out’ during his latest arrest ‘with a shoe fully engulfed in flames,’ cops say

(As originally published with additional photos, Fri, December 29th 2023)

LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — Police officers on a call found the person they were looking for “passed out in front of the business with a shoe fully engulfed in flames, just in front of the defendant.”

That’s from Michael Ivan Dubberly’s arrest report from the evening of Dec. 5, while the weather in central Florida must’ve been on the cool side.

A sergeant put out the fire and other officers saw “several cans of alcoholic beverages laying next to the defendant.

“One can was empty, another half empty, and the third not yet opened.”

They handcuffed Dubberly and put him in the back of a patrol vehicle, where he reportedly told them “he had started the fire to stay warm.

“The defendant was asked how many alcoholic beverages he had consumed, at which time he related he had only drank one Mike’s Hard Liquor Lemonade Tall Boy.

“The defendant was not steady on his feet and was hard to understand when he spoke.”

The officer who wrote the report said he “could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person.”

Dubberly, 38, was charged with disorderly intoxication and leaving a fire unattended, and it was his eighth arrest in Lake County in just the past few years.

Less than a month earlier, he was arrested for stealing a case of beer from a gas station convenience store.

According to the arrest report, the clerk was “checking out another customer” just before 4 a.m. on Nov. 10 when he walked “directly to the display of Limited Edition 24 pack of Busch Light Beer ($19.99) and grabs a case.

“The subject then walks out of the store without attempting to pay for the case of beer.

“[The clerk] advised she yelled out to the subject to pay for the case of beer; however, he ignored her and continued walking away.

“[The clerk] exited to the store and watched the subject walk into the wooded area behind the Speedway gas station.”

Four officers with the Leesburg Police Department began searching and found him in the same clothes, “sleeping in a fold out camping chair.

Man was 'passed out' during his latest arrest 'with a shoe fully engulfed in flames,' cops say
Michael Dubberly was arrested 8 times in one county since March 18, 2021. Clockwise from top left. Click photos for dates, charges and jail times. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“As I approached the subject, I observed an open 24 pack case of the Limited Edition Busch Light Beer matching the case stolen from the store.

“I made contact with the male subject and woke him up.

“While attempting to identify the subject, he advised his name was ‘Azzezzel.’

“The subject continued to give this name multiple times before finally providing the name Michael Ivan Dubberly.

“Mr. Dubberly was then detained and escorted out of the wooded area and back to my patrol vehicle.”

At that point, “he continued to interrupt” the officer reading him his rights and after, he “did not invoke his right to remain silent.

Mr. Dubberly admitted post-Miranda of taking the beer from the Speedway gas station.

He “was issued a misdemeanor citation for the unlawful offense of retail theft, less than $750,” and “a trespass warning and advised he is no longer authorized to be on the Speedway gas station property.”

Then, “he was released on his own recognizance,” and according to the arrest report, “The case of beer Mr. Dubberly stole from Speedway was recovered and returned back to the store.”

Dubberly was also arrested four times in 2021, and twice in less than a week in 2022, all in Lake County.

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