Can you believe it? Former Walmart employee arrested for shoplifting had 5 convictions for theft

Can you believe it? Former Walmart employee arrested for shoplifting had 5 convictions for theft

(As originally published, Wed, January 3rd 2024)

SUMMERFIELD, Fla. (TND) — This isn’t a typical case of someone shoplifting from a Walmart in Florida.

Yes, a sheriff’s deputy went to the store “in reference to a theft” and the loss prevention associate said “Chad Perkins failed to scan three items while checking out at self-checkout.”

The total amount was $67.84, the alleged crime took place Dec. 11, but this meeting didn’t happen until Dec. 19.

The story became interesting when the employee said

Perkins “is a former associate at the store, and they have been unable to contact the defendant since the incident.”

The deputy watched surveillance video and wrote in the arrest report,

Perkins “did not appear to even attempt to scan the items.”

And it wasn’t the first time for this “former associate,” nor the second, third, or fourth.

Can you believe it? Former Walmart employee arrested for shoplifting had 5 convictions for theft
Chad Alan Perkins was booked into jail 3 times in Florida since (from left) 2020. (Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Perkins “has five convictions for theft out of Vermont,” where he was reportedly born, this Florida arrest report said.

One of those convictions happened in 2000, two happened in 2002, and the others happened in 2003 and 2007.

Perkins wasn’t home so authorities got a judge to issue a felony arrest warrant for second-degree larceny petit theft, third or subsequent offense.

The 41-year-old was arrested last Thursday, Dec. 28, not only on that charge but another, since he was released from jail on bond on a battery charge less than two weeks earlier.

That arrest report described a scene at the Domino’s Pizza location where he was working on the evening of Dec. 14.

It said Perkins accused a driver of almost running him over, and he started yelling at that man.

The alleged victim didn’t simply drive away.

Instead, he said he “went around to the front of the building with the intention to go into Domino’s and complain about the defendant.”

That didn’t go well.

“The employees inside began yelling at him,” the report said, and “the defendant came from the rear of the restaurant, chased him outside, and shoved [victim’s name].”

A Belleview police sergeant wrote about watching Perkins in surveillance video “quickly come from the rear of the store and chase [the victim] outside and shove [the victim].”

Perkins was arrested for battery and released on bond, six hours later.

That wasn’t his first arrest in Marion County.

A deputy wrote about being on patrol in 2020 and seeing Perkins’ pickup truck with a license plate from his home state of Vermont that “did not come back to the vehicle he was driving.”

That report said Perkins “advised he was in the process of registering the vehicle in Vermont, where he lives part-time, and had taken the tag off of one of his other vehicles while he waited.”

Unfortunately for Perkins, “The vehicle did not come back to the defendant at all.”

That pickup he was driving “had been issued a certificate of destruction in Florida and was last registered” to a towing company, and “the vehicle associated with that VIN had been crushed on 03/10/2020,” which was nine months earlier.

Bottom line: “A computer check of the VIN revealed the vehicle does not have a current registration in Vermont.”

Perkins was released on bail 18 hours after he was booked on two misdemeanors, and after seven months, the prosecutor’s office ended up dropping the charges.

In the Walmart case, he was released on bail after 12 hours

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