Florida senior arrested again for violating batterer intervention program terms

Florida senior arrested again for violating batterer intervention program terms

(As originally published with additional photos, Tue, January 9th 2024)

THE VILLAGES, Fla. (TND) — A woman in Florida is learning the hard way to follow up on her pre-trial diversion after she was arrested for battery on a loved one.

Authorities said Gretchen Mitchell committed the crime on the day before her 70th birthday, last February 2023.

Her arrest report said she admitted to a deputy “she had been in a verbal altercation that turned physical [and] she believed [the victim] to be unfaithful and wanted him to leave.”

Then, “She became upset and began to throw clothes on [the victim] before using an open hand strike to smack him.”

The deputy wrote the victim “had come home from a meeting with a real estate agent in the morning and fell asleep on his bed.

Florida senior arrested again for violating batterer intervention program terms
Gretchen Mitchell was arrested (from left) twice in February 2023, once the next month, and again in January 2024. (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“The victim stated that he was woken up [when Mitchell] started to throw his clothing on the bed.”

At this point, “The victim pulled his cellphone out to start recording and the defendant began to strike him with an open hand and proceeded to grab a cord to continue hitting him.

“The victim stated that these actions were unprovoked and that he did everything to defend himself from her strikes.

“The victim also stated that the defendant had been drinking alcoholic beverages.”

The deputy watched that cellphone video

and also mentioned, “The victim was pleading with the defendant to stop hitting him, for which the defendant did not stop and continued striking the victim.

“The defendant was also seen leaving the room and shortly after returning and engaging in another verbal argument.”

Mitchell was charged with battery, and she spent 18 hours in jail.

Online records show she was arrested less than two hours later for willfully violating a condition of pretrial release, and she spent three days in jail.

There’s a third arrest listed for contempt of court from late March that says Mitchell spent three weeks in jail.

Pre-trial Intervention Contract by Lenny Cohen on Scribd

When she was released in April, Mitchell signed a pre-trial intervention contract so “no criminal prosecution concerning this charge will be instituted.”

Apparently, she didn’t fulfill her end of the bargain.

From Prosecutor to Clerk by Lenny Cohen on Scribd

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, prosecutors asked the state to go after Mitchell since she had “been rejected from the pre-trial intervention program.”

They cited five reasons:

  • Fails to report to probation department as directed,
  • Fails to show proof of completion of batterers intervention program,
  • Fails to pay costs/fines/fees of $370,
  • Fails to pay costs/fines/fees of $400, and
  • Fails to pay cost of supervision of $105.

Mitchell was arrested on the morning of Jan. 4 and released eight hours later.

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