Man, 55, arrested again for trying to steal his father's SUV, this time at knifepoint, deputies say

Man, 55, arrested again for trying to steal his father’s SUV, this time at knifepoint, deputies say

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A Florida man with a history of arrests is being held without bond after his father told sheriff’s deputies he held a knife to his throat.

It wasn’t the first time the father called law enforcement to his home.

The arrest report said Friday evening, he told deputies Eric Carl Blom “was on narcotics and became very irate.”

He said his son “grabbed a knife from the kitchen, holding it up to his throat, physically touching the victim with the knife, and then began threatening to kill the complainant/victim.

“The defendant then told the victim to give him his car keys, which the victim refused.

“The victim advised, the defendant then forcibly reached into the victim’s front left pocket, stealing his car keys.

“The victim advised, the dependent then went outside and stole his vehicle

“The victim advised he was in fear the defendant was going to kill him.”


The report didn’t say how Eric Blom ended up at a hospital

but the deputy wrote he “was very confused and unsure where he was or what was going on [and] had no recollection of what occurred, and could not explain what happened.”

He’s charged with robbery with a weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and grand theft auto, and his online report also lists three counts of contempt of court.

That was neither Eric Blom’s first arrest in Sumter County, nor the first crime against his father.

Man, 55, arrested again for trying to steal his father's SUV, this time at knifepoint, deputies say
Eric Carl Blom was booked into jail in Sumter County (top, from left) in 2019, 2022 and 2024. He was booked into jail in Marion County (bottom, from left) in 2021 and 2023.

In 2019, he posted on social media, “IAM going to kill my par,” and he sent his father a text message saying, “You are to faced, I will exact my justice on you.”

His parents said he “was drunk” and they told him “he could not live at the residence because he did not complete rehab.” They said they were afraid.

Deputies found Eric Blom two days later during a welfare check and said he “did not recall making the Facebook post [and] he was intoxicated and intended it to be a private message to a friend.”

He was charged with intimidation by written threats to kill and probation violation, and spent a month in jail.

Then, less than seven months later, the father said Eric took his SUV which he “did not have permission to drive,” and he “repeatedly asked to defendant to stop and put the car back in the garage.”

Instead, “The defendant ignored Mr. Blom’s request and drove away,” and ignored phone calls as well.

Eric Blom was found and arrested three days later, and spent a month in jail.

Apparently, he pulled the same stunt on Dec. 30, 2020.

A deputy was called to the home again for “a report of a stolen vehicle.”

The father said he saw “the defendant backing out of his driveway but due to heart problems was unable to stop him.”

Two days later, on New Year’s, authorities in nearby Marion County investigating a suspicious vehicle “discovered it was stolen out of Sumter County.”

Eric Blom “was located about half a block away from the vehicle in the woods.

“[A deputy] provided the defendant was under the influence of narcotics and appeared to be having a bad reaction to the narcotics.”

Authorities learned Eric Blom “holds an extensive history out of New York to include trespassing, burglary, criminal mischief, criminal possession of a weapon, petit theft, grand theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and assault.”

For Friday’s incident, he’s being held without bond.

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