Teen shot victim 14 times 'until the gun was empty,' tied him in air mattress, police say

Teen shot victim 14 times ‘until the gun was empty,’ tied him in air mattress, police say

(As originally published, Thu, January 11th 2024)

ST. PETERS, Mo. (TND) — A teenager and an underage boy are facing charges in the killing of an acquaintance and the gun used was reportedly fired more than a dozen times.

Police in St. Peters, outside St. Louis, said the violence happened Monday evening in a home, after an altercation.

They didn’t release details, citing their investigation, but the probable cause statement said it happened in the home of the 18-year-old suspect, Jackson Pierce.

A witness, only described as someone who lives in the home with Pierce, left before the violence and said Pierce and the underage boy were there, along with the victim, who police identified as 23-year-old Dalton Coleman.

The witness said Pierce called him, “complaining about [Coleman] asking for unknown belongings and other erratic behavior.”

The witness said told both of them to calm down but ultimately told “Pierce to collect items of value, including a firearm which was kept in a cabinet above the microwave in the kitchen, and store them in his room.”

The killing took place within minutes.

According to the document, the witness got “another call from Pierce wherein Pierce informed the witness he had shot and killed [Coleman].

“The witness asked what happened, and Pierce informed him that [Coleman] had forced his way into the bedroom where Pierce and the juvenile had distanced themselves from [Coleman] in.

“Once inside, [Coleman] attempted to strike Pierce with a punch but missed; a struggle then ensued over the firearm, which was left in the open in the bedroom.

“The witness stated that Pierce informed him during the struggle, [Coleman] was shot.

“The witness stated that Pierce informed him that the victim was shot three to four times but did not go down, so Pierce continued to shoot the victim.

“The witness reported, that Pierce informed him, that he shot [Coleman] 14 times.”

He told Pierce to call the police, but Pierce said “he would not do” it, so the witness called his lawyer, and the lawyer called police.

It actually took the St. Charles County SWAT Unit to get the suspects out.

They “announced their presence over loudspeaker and ordered out the occupants of the home.

“A short time later, the occupants, Pierce and a juvenile, exited the home and were taken into custody.”

A sergeant wanted consent to search the home

and when he approached, “Pierce stated, ‘Dog, I shoulda f*****g called the cops myself, I shoulda called the cops myself, bro I am, I am dumb as f***.’”

The sergeant “asked Pierce if there was a deceased victim in the home, which Pierce answered ‘Yeah.’”

Authorities ended up getting a search warrant.

Teen shot victim 14 times 'until the gun was empty,' tied him in air mattress, police say
Jackson Pierce was charged with murder, armed criminal action, and tampering with physical evidence, Jan. 8, 2024. (St. Peters Police Dept.)

Inside, authorities “located a rolled-up air mattress that had been tied tightly and wrapped with a piece of an electrical cord inside of an upstairs bedroom closet.

“It was later discovered that [Coleman]’s corpse had been placed inside of the air mattress with a white plastic garbage bag secured around his head with an electrical cord, which was cut from [a] nearby lamp.”

They said Pierce told them, “The first shot hit [Coleman] in the abdomen and he did not go down.

“Pierce stated that he continued to fire 14 times until the gun was empty, and [Coleman] did not fall to the ground until the last shot was fired.

“Pierce stated that the victim never touched the firearm.

“Pierce also stated that he and the juvenile had then attempted to clean the scene using towels and dish soap on the carpet.

“Pierce stated that he and the juvenile concealed [Coleman] in the air mattress and moved him into a different bedroom located upstairs, and into the closet.”

Investigators recovered the gun “as well as 13 shell casings from the bedroom, 10 of which were placed in a trash can located in the bedroom where the shooting occurred. …

“Preliminary autopsy results showed approximately 15 gunshot wounds to the victim’s abdomen, hand and face.”

Pierce, 18, is charged with murder, armed criminal action, and tampering with physical evidence. He’s being held on a $1 million cash-only bond.

The underage suspect is in Family Court custody.

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