Man of many mugs accused of stealing $400 in goods from Walmart, his 1st arrest for theft

Man of many mugs accused of stealing $400 in goods from Walmart, his 1st arrest for theft

(As originally published with additional photos, Fri, January 12th 2024)

BUSHNELL, Fla. (TND) — A man who apparently managed to avoid arrest for more than a year got picked up for allegedly picking up a backpack at Walmart and using it as his personal shopping cart, and that wasn’t all.

Deputies in Florida said Kevin Ronald Miller started his shoplifting spree when he entered the store without “any black backpack or items in a shopping cart,” last Sunday.

In his arrest report, a loss prevention officer told deputies Miller “was putting items in his cart, including many boxes of baseball cards [then] select a black in color backpack and proceeded to put the unpaid-for items into the backpack.”

It seems the baseball cards were actually football cards.

Then, it said Miller went “to the garden center, passing all points of sale without paying for, or even attempting to pay for, any of the items and into the parking lot where he was confronted with law enforcement.”

A deputy watched surveillance video and saw everything.

The stolen items were listed.

  • 3 pieces of merchandise at $27.47 each,
  • 4 pieces of merchandise at $34.98 each,
  • 1 box of NFL cards at $14.98,
  • 4 boxes of NFL cards at $17.96 each,
  • 1 container of chicken salad 4-pack at $5.97,
  • 1 banana pudding container at $2.44,
  • 1 strawberry French-style cheesecake at $2.44,
  • 1 container of deviled eggs at $3.47,
  • 6 Fiorucci pepperoni and pepper jack cheese at $5.97 each, and
  • 1 Eastport black backpack at $34.98,

for a total of $394.27.

Besides those items, the arrest report said Miller was busted with some things in his pants that should not have been there.


The deputy wrote about finding “a crumpled-up piece of aluminum foil with burnt residue” in his pants pocket during a search.

Also, “A green in color plastic straw with white powdery residue was also located in his pants pocket.

“Both of these items later tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine.”

Man of many mugs accused of stealing $400 in goods from Walmart, his 1st arrest for theft
Kevin Ronald Miller was arrested 11 times in the 11 years between 2013 (clockwise from top-left) and 2024 in Sumter and Lake counties, Fla. Click through to see what The National Desk has learned.

The report said Miller admitted to the deputy “both the straw and the aluminum foil belong to himself.”

Finally, authorities performed a criminal history check “which revealed the defendant has no previous convictions for theft.

“It also revealed the defendant has one previous conviction for possession of synthetic cannabinoid.”

The National Desk found Miller has been arrested at least 11 times in Sumter County, where the Walmart is located, and nearby Lake County, in the past 11 years.

This time, Miller was charged with petit theft-first offense, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The 41-year-old was released after 31-and-a-half hours in jail.

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