Uncle accused of beating, locking woman in dog cage; Mom, grandfather face same charges

Uncle accused of beating, locking woman in dog cage; Mom, grandfather face same charges

(As originally published with additional photos, Fri, January 19th 2024)

WILDWOOD, Fla. (TND) — A young woman was allegedly beaten and forced into a dog cage, and now her mother, uncle, and grandfather have been arrested for the crimes.

The uncle’s arrest report said the victim arrived at his “vehicle repair center” in central Florida, along with her grandfather, “to collect a vehicle for the victim to drive, due to her vehicle being inoperable at the time.”

She described seeing her uncle, Vivekananda Dutt Harpaul, “standing in one of the corners of the warehouse.

“The victim, knowing the defendant was angry with her, started to run away from the defendant.”

The report did not give a reason for his anger, or anyone else’s, for what would allegedly happen next.

“The victim stated she ran into an office area within the warehouse where she was grabbed by the defendant and thrown onto a couch before being thrown onto the ground.

“While on the ground, the victim stated she was on her stomach and attempting to protect her head due to the defendant continuously striking her with his bare hands while on top of her.

“The defendant continued to strike the victim in the face and punch her in the head multiple times; she described being dragged on the floor to a dog cage used for the defendant’s two Great Dane dogs.

“The victim then stated she was forced into the dog cage by the defendant and onto a chair where she continued to be punched by the defendant before he stepped out of the cage and locked the victim in the cage.

“Additionally, the victim stated she observed the defendant use zip ties on the cage door to lock the victim in the dog cage.

“While in the cage, the victim advised the defendant finally stopped punching and striking her, provided her some water to drink, and left her in the cage for what she believes to be 40 minutes.

“The victim was unable to call for help due to her phone falling out of her pocket when being thrown onto the couch.

“The victim further advised that she urinated on herself while inside of the dog cage.”

She’d arrived with her grandfather but the report said her mother was there “to witness everything, and told the defendant to stop; however, she believes that they were too fearful of the defendant to intervene any further.”

That is absolutely not what happened, according to the surveillance video, but authorities would not see that for another two months.

Uncle accused of beating, locking woman in dog cage; Mom, grandfather face same charges
Anjali Devi Harpaul (from left), Vivekananda Dutt Harpaul, and Narain Dutt Harpaul were all charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, and kidnapping-false imprisonment, Oct. 13, 2023 (center), and Jan. 16, 2024 (sides). (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

The report continued, “The victim described observing her mother attempting to get her out of the dog cage, after calming the defendant, by burning the zip ties, which was successful.”

From there, her mother drove her home. Once there, her mother “gave the victim her phone.”

The report does not say what time that all happened but at about 6 p.m., the victim told her father what “had just taken place.” He asked a friend to pick her up and drive her to his home, along the north Florida coast.

According to the report, “The friend stated the victim did not wish to go to the hospital; however, changed her mind once the two arrived in Flagler County.”

Doctors described her injuries, especially to her head, starting with her left eye.

“The victim suffered a closed fracture to her left orbital,” the report said, “along with muscle and nerve damage, multiple closed fractures of facial bone, bleeding next to [her] skull and minor nasal bone fracture.

“The victim is told to follow up with a specialist within a week and may need surgery as a result of the physical altercation.”

The victim gave authorities pictures of her injuries and told them there were several surveillance cameras, “including inside and outside of the building where the incident occurred.”

That was on Sept. 30. Two days later, a Wildwood police sergeant and patrolman went to the business, and nobody was there, so they got a search warrant.

Her mother’s arrest report offers more details of what police learned from that search.

It said they found “the dog cage where she was falsely imprisoned, as well as the zip tie used to secure the dog cage closed, collaborating the victim’s statement.

“The zip tie that was burnt to set the victim free was discovered in a trash can within close proximity of the dog cage.

“The DVR for the security surveillance system was seized and sent to” the state.

It took about two months but on Dec. 6, “Detectives reviewed the video footage and observed the victim and her grandfather arrive at the incident location where her uncle and the defendant [this time, her mother] were waiting.

“Upon entering the warehouse of this business, the uncle proceeded to batter the victim while the defendant watched and appeared to scorn the victim.

“The defendant was observed striking the victim with an open hand during this attack.

“The defendant was then observed placing the victim into a large dog kennel located inside the warehouse with a victim’s uncle continued to batter the victim while the defendant watched.

“The attack lasted approximately six minutes with the victim’s uncle striking the victim approximately 43 times.”

The uncle, 32-year-old Vivekananda Dutt Harpaul, was charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, and kidnapping-false imprisonment. He was arrested back on Oct. 13 and released after 15 hours.

The arrest report called the mother, 35-year-old Anjali Devi Harpaul, “a principal in the first degree” for “aiding, abetting and procuring” the crimes.

She was also charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, and kidnapping-false imprisonment.

And ironically, she was booked into jail while wearing a shirt with the words, “Be kind.”

The grandfather, 67-year-old Narain Dutt Harpaul, faces the same charges. His paperwork has not yet been made public.

Those two were just arrested this past Tuesday night, Jan. 16.

They’re being held without bond.

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