Senior shoplifting suspects go to jail together, wife with 'no recollection' faces felony

Senior shoplifting suspects go to jail together, wife with ‘no recollection’ faces felony

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A couple of senior citizens in Florida are accused of shoplifting from a Walmart. He’s charged with a misdemeanor but she’s facing a felony for a much longer list of stolen items.

Their arrest reports said the crimes happened Jan. 8 but there was neither an investigation nor arrests for another week.

According to the store’s loss prevention officer, Charlotte Boone Busacco “traveled to the Walmart with her husband in a dark-colored SUV” identified by its license plate, and “placed numerous items into a blue bag that she had brought into the store.”

Her arrest affidavit contains a list of 38 items she’s accused of stealing — mostly medical and beauty products — for “a total of 782.56 worth of merchandise.”

A sheriff’s deputy reported watching store surveillance video showing Charlotte Busacco “loading numerous items into her shopping cart.


“I also observed the defendant place the items from her shopping cart into the blue bag that she had brought into the store.

“I observed the defendant pass all points of sale before entering her blue Toyota SUV and exit the parking lot.”

Senior shoplifting suspects go to jail together, wife with 'no recollection' faces felony
Charlotte Boone Busacco and Carl Busacco are charged with showing up at a Walmart and stealing more than $800 worth of merchandise, Jan. 16, 2024. (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

As for that SUV, “The vehicle was registered to a Carl Busacco, husband of the defendant.”

Then, with his address, “I was able to positively identify the defendant by her Florida driver’s license photograph,” the deputy wrote.

Charlotte Busacco was charged with grand theft larceny, $750 to $5,000, and the deputy showed up at her home the next morning.

“The defendant agreed to speak with me post Miranda; however, stated she had no recollection of the incident outlined above.”

Charlotte Boone Busacco, 72, was booked Jan. 16 and spent 31 hours behind bars before her release on bail.

As for her husband, Carl, he’s just charged with petit theft larceny, $100 to $750.

That loss prevention officer said he “placed numerous items into his shopping cart and passed all points of sale without paying for the selected items.”

Those items were reportedly four storage bins and two home management containers for a total of $73.88.


According to his arrest report, “The defendant stated he intended to return and pay for the items at a different time than the incident.

“The defendant then permitted me to enter the residence with him, where he then showed me the items that he took from the store.

“The items shown to me were later verified by the victim to be items belonging to Walmart.”

Carl Busacco, 80, spent just over 24 hours in jail before his release.

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