He 'claimed to be a minor & agreed to meet up with [murdered offender] for sex,' doc says

He ‘claimed to be a minor & agreed to meet up with [murdered offender] for sex,’ doc says

(As originally published, Fri, February 2nd 2024)

HOUSTON (TND) — A man has been arrested for murder and according to a court document, he “claimed to be a minor” in order to find and kill a pedophile.

That deadly shooting happened more than seven months ago, on May 29 in Houston.

Sean Connery Showers was found lying in a ditch with multiple gunshot wounds.

“The victim was walking along the roadway when a vehicle of unknown make and model approached him,” police said at the time. “Someone inside the vehicle then shot the victim.”

That person, they now say, was James Lewis Spencer III, and he has been charged with murder.

James Lewis Spencer III by Lenny Cohen on Scribd

According to bond paperwork, a “third party” told authorities Spencer “believed the police were not doing enough to keep pedophiles incarcerated and the defendant wanted to rob and harm those type of men [because] they would do bad things to little children and other people.”

There’s no word on specifically why Spencer would try to hunt down a child predator but the document continued, saying, “A month later, defendant made same comment that ‘if the cops were not going to do anything, maybe he should kill them himself.’

“Cellphone records used to find communication between the defendant and C/W [complaining witness, or victim], discussing a meetup, and [victim’s] prior sexual history with minors.

“Appears defendant claimed to be a minor and agreed to meet up with [victim] for sex.

He 'claimed to be a minor & agreed to meet up with [murdered offender] for sex,' doc says
James Lewis Spencer III was charged with murder and his bond was set at $250,000, Jan. 31, 2024. (Houston Police Dept.)

“Defendant’s cellphone tracked to/from murder location.

“Defendant admitted to owning the phone number that communicated [with victim].”

KPRC reported Showers, who was 37, served time for possession of child pornography, and that he did not register as a sex offender.

He is not listed on the Texas Public Sex Offender Website, or the national site, and it’s not known if he was listed before he was murdered.

Spencer, 24, was arrested Wednesday and he “admitted to his role in the incident,” Houston police said. His bond was set at $250,000.

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