She told cop she'd 'shoot him, hang him to dry,' quarter, behead him, arrest report says

She told cop she’d ‘shoot him, hang him to dry,’ quarter, behead him, arrest report says

(As originally published with additional photos, Fri, February 9th 2024)

TAVARES, Fla. (TND) — A woman in Florida has now been arrested a half-dozen times in one county, and the newest charges against her include battery on a law enforcement officer. Actually, three of them.

Tuesday evening, police got word employees at a 7-Eleven followed “an older white female” they said “stole a bottle of wine and two packs of cigarettes,” according to her arrest report.

Two officers and a corporal found Ann Francis Visscher but “as they begin to handcuff” her, they said “she began to pull away from officers and turn her body away from officers, in an effort to not be handcuffed.

“Once she was placed in handcuffs, Ann began to pull away from officers again in an effort to get away from officers.

“And then kicked [the corporal] in his right leg, at which point [the corporal] and [other officer] redirected her to the ground.

“While being redirected to the ground, Ann’s head hit the ground, causing a cut to her forehead,” as shown in her latest booking photo.

Authorities called paramedics and the other officer “attempted to treat Ann on scene; however, she would not allow him.”

The police officer who wrote the report said she found “a bottle of wine, an unopened pack of cigarettes, and one open pack of cigarettes that had one missing cigarette,” in Visscher’s “large purse.”

The arrest report also said, “While waiting for EMS, Ann yelled several profanities towards units and informed myself, [the officer], and [corporal] several times and in several different ways that she would kill officers when given the opportunity.

“She stated that she would use a sniper rifle and shoot us in the head.

“Ann made clear and concise threats to kill [the corporal] with her hands, feet or anything else she needed.

“She also stated to [the other officer] that she would shoot him, hang him to dry, and quarter him before beheading him.”

When help arrived, “Ann continued to threaten the lives of paramedics and firefighters by stating that she would kill them by shooting them,” the report said.

“Ann also attempted to kick one of the paramedics once she was placed in the rear of the ambulance.”

She told cop she'd 'shoot him, hang him to dry,' quarter, behead him, arrest report says
Ann Francis Visscher was booked into jail (from left) twice in June 2021, twice in April 2023, then on Jan. 4 and Feb. 7, 2024. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Then, in the emergency room, “Ann was argumentative with hospital staff and refused to allow anyone to clean her wounds,” the arrest report said.

“When the doctor asked Ann if she would harm anyone, she stated that she would, and that [she] was going to kill everyone in the room.

“She also stated that if she had a firearm, she would shoot everyone within the hospital room.”

Visscher, 57, faces three counts of assault on law enforcement officers, one count of battery on a law enforcement officer, and one count of resisting officers with violence.

She is not charged with theft since the owner of the 7-Eleven said “he did not wish to prosecute and only requested” Visscher not return to the store.

In June 2021, she spent three hours behind bars for trespassing, and then four days later, almost a month for battery and resisting with violence.

Last April, she spent almost three days in jail for DUI and possession of a small amount of marijuana; then, the next week, more than three months for trespassing.

And this was not her first arrest of the year. Visscher spent most of last month in jail for trespassing and violation of probation for DUI.

Apparently, she was being kicked out of where she’d been staying, and she called the police on herself.

That arrest report said she told them she “wants to retrieve her belongings and stated she knew she was going to jail; just wanted to shower first.”

This time, she was booked into jail at 1:55 a.m. Wednesday, her bond was set at $23,000, and she has not been released.

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