Woman with 'very large purse' brought 'plastic Publix bags' to shoplift groceries, police

Woman with ‘very large purse’ brought ‘plastic Publix bags’ to shoplift groceries, police say

(As originally published, Fri, February 9th 2024)

LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A woman in Florida is banned from her local Publix grocery store after her arrest for shoplifting there. She agreed to that as part of her plea bargain.

A police officer went to the store on Nov. 13 to look into “a retail theft in progress,” according to the arrest report.

The store manager reported a woman “in her 70s entered the store and proceeded to shop.

“As the female was shopping, she began to place all items she grabbed into plastic Publix bags and within her purse.

“The female then bypassed all points of sale and proceeded to the parking lot.

“As the female exited the store with the stolen merchandise, she was stopped by the assistant store manager and brought to the manager’s office.”

That’s where the officer met Marsha Yanofsky and wrote, “Marsha had a very large purse with two small wallets, one small zip up bag, and one bottle of vitamins that were held for sale at Publix.

“Within the shopping cart, the bagged items that were not paid for consisted of vitamins, deli food, produce, meat products, and other consumable goods.

“Marsha stated her mind was foggy due to a mobility issue.

“I asked Marsha standard questions regarding the status of her mental state, and she answered the questions right.

Woman with 'very large purse' brought 'plastic Publix bags' to shoplift groceries, police
Marsha Yanofsky was charged with petit theft-2nd offense, Nov. 13, 2023. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“Marsha further stated she knew what she did was wrong.”

The items taken reportedly cost $201.90, and the arrest report said Yanofsky had been convicted of theft in Honolulu, back in 1969.

Yanofsky, 74, was charged with petit theft-2nd offense and released from jail after three hours in lieu of $1,000 bond.

On Jan. 17, she agreed to a plea deal.

Among the conditions: a $200 fine, completion of a shoplifter’s course, court costs, $100 toward the cost of prosecution, and stay out of the Publix in Lady Lake.

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