Facial recognition software, of all things, played a role in this guy's latest arrest

Facial recognition software, of all things, played a role in this guy’s latest arrest

(As originally published with additional photos, Tue, February 20th 2024 at 5:39 PM)

LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A man who’s no stranger to a booking photographer’s camera is back behind bars after he was allegedly caught stealing a chainsaw from a Lowe’s store.

This latest case happened last March but he wasn’t arrested until this month.

A detective in Florida wrote about Jason Vincent Saunders going “to the seasonal aisle of the store,” where he “took a chainsaw box off the shelf and placed it in his cart.”

Then, he “took the chainsaw out of the box,” “hid the box in a different aisle,” and “proceeded to walk past all points of sale and continue to walk out of the store and into his vehicle.”

According to the arrest report, surveillance cameras showed Saunders “walk out of the store with the chainsaw in hand and bypassing all points of sale, allowing the store to be out a total of $639.”

But besides “video surveillance within the store,” the arrest report cites “new facial recognition software Lowe’s has installed,” which helped the detective compare pictures of Saunders at the store with pictures from his driver’s license.

The arrest report said Saunders “has a total of five guilty felony convictions to include numerous guilty theft-related criminal charges,” and it listed four of them around central Florida.

“The defendant has also been sentenced to state prison in Florida three separate times for theft,” it said.

The National Desk was able to find nearly two dozen instances of Saunders being booked into jail in two area counties. (The arrest report listed a third.)

Facial recognition software, of all things, played a role in this guy's latest arrest
The National Desk found 25 Jason Vincent Saunders arrests (with 22 booking photos) in 2 Florida counties from June 2003 to February 2024. Scroll through for details in order. (Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office | Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

No booking photo was available in Sumter County on March 30, 2016, when he was charged with burglary, larceny, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two probation violations.

There was also no booking photo in Marion County on Aug. 16, 2001, when he was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and resisting without violence.

In this case, Saunders was arrested on Feb. 1 of this year on two counts of felony larceny-third or subsequent offense.

Saunders, now 43, is being held without bond, and apparently, authorities in Ohio want a word with him.

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