Boy fights his armed and bloody father who was stabbing his mother to death, police say

Boy fights his armed and bloody father who was stabbing his mother to death, police say

(As originally published, Sat, February 24th 2024 at 6:00 AM)

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (TND) — A boy called 911 and told dispatch his father stabbed his mother, and there was blood all over the house.

The violent series of events happened in a home full of children, early Thursday morning, Feb. 8, near Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

According to the arrest report, officers showed up and the boy “directed the officers to [his mother], laying on the ground, covered in blood and unresponsive.

“[The boy] reaffirmed to the officers that his father stabbed his mother and that his father was currently locked in the garage.”

The mother was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The boy’s name and age are not mentioned. He was taken to the police station for questioning, and his four siblings — ages 9, 9, 7 and 3 — “were removed from the home to safety and cautionary medical care.”

Then, the SWAT team “forced entry into the garage and made contact with Jorge Jose Sancler [who] was laying prone, covered in blood and was holding a machete in his hand. It was immediately obvious that Jorge had several lacerations on both wrists and forearms.”

He was taken to the hospital and sedated and intubated.

At the police station, the boy said he “was asleep in his bed when he heard his mother yell. He first thought that he was dreaming until he heard his mother yell again, ‘He is going to kill me!’

“[The boy] immediately ran from his bed toward the sound and into the kitchen. He immediately observed his father, Jorge Jose Sancler, straddling his mother, [name], in a mounted position.

“[The mother] was lying on her back and Jorge Jose Sancler was stabbing her in a downward motion with a large kitchen knife. [The boy] ran to them and pushed his father off of his mother, sending him sprawling.

“He saw the knife drop from Jorge Jose Sancler’s hand and told him to calm down. Seeing his mother was bleeding, he decided to seek help and moved toward the garage.

“However, [the boy] realized that Jorge Jose Sancler had armed himself with a different knife and was now moving toward [the mother] with it. Jorge Jose Sancler had both of his hands grasping this new knife.

“[The boy] said that he felt his dad was trying to stab him. [The boy] said he felt it was a different knife because he had seen blood on the first one and this new knife was clean.

“[The boy] was able to dodge the attack and grab Jorge Jose Sancler’s arms and forearms and disarming Jorge. [The boy] began to punch Jorge in the face in an effort to subdue him, or knock him out, but was unsuccessful. [The boy] then grabbed Jorge Jose Sancler in a headlock and moved him toward the garage door. Pushing the door open, [the boy] pushed Jorge Jose Sancler into the garage and closed the door, immediately locking it.

Boy fights his armed and bloody father who was stabbing his mother to death, police say
Jorge Jose Sancler was charged with “murder dangerous depraved without premeditation” and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Feb. 8, 2024. (Broward Sheriff’s Office)

“During the altercation, [the boy] said that [his mother] had managed to walk into the hallway near the garage. It was there that she collapsed and [the boy] called 911. The next several minutes until police arrived, [the boy] went back and forth between where his mother was laying and the room where his four siblings were staying, in an effort to keep them in the room and comfort them.”

The boy described the kitchen knives as having blades approximately 6 to 7 inches in length.

He was also “asked about surveillance cameras in the home. He said that the home was equipped with numerous cameras inside and a doorbell camera outside the front door. Regarding the cameras, [the boy] said that Jorge accesses them via his cell phone. … He also said that [his mother]’s phone may have access to the CCTV.”

The arrest report said the boy was wearing a white t-shirt with “a small amount of blood on it. … He was photographed and had a single laceration to his right-hand middle finger knuckle, some dried blood on his left forearm, and a small amount of dried blood on his left foot and ankle area.”

Crime scene investigators at the hospital said the mother “had several wounds consistent with puncture wounds that would have been caused by a kitchen knife. These wounds included a large puncture wound in her back, two larger wounds in her chest and several more superficial wounds in various areas of her torso. Also included in her wounds are several laceration/stab wounds to her hands that are consistent with ‘defensive’ wounds.

“Jorge Jose Sancler was being actively treated by medical personnel but had numerous lacerations, mostly superficial, which could be observed on both arms and around his neck area. Additionally, both of his arms contained lacerations in the wrist area that appeared to be caused by a sharper/larger blade than the other lacerations.”

That night, authorities were able to search the home and the boy had described most of what they found.

“There was a large pool of blood in the kitchen. Smaller footprints led from the kitchen, around the outside of the kitchen counter, and back toward the garage hallway. A larger set headed more directly from the blood to the area of the garage hallway. This was consistent with two different people leaving the area of the altercation, with blood on their feet, and moving toward the area of the garage, albeit with different paths. Both sets of footprints converged at the same point in the hallway, consistent with the statement provided by [the boy].

“A knife was located by SWAT near the garage hallway and was covered in blood.

“A search of the garage revealed numerous areas that contained blood including the smudged pool that Jorge was initially discovered to be laying in. Observed during the search was not only the machete, but two box cutter-type knives. All three blades and their handles had blood on them.”

From the surveillance cameras, “There were several still shot/thumbnails that had been captured various events just prior to the incident. Only a few minutes before 911 was called, [the boy] can be seen in his bed. Just minutes before 911 called, Jorge Jose Sancler and [the mother] can be seen together in the kitchen.”

On the second day, investigators met up with Jorge Jose Sancler in the hospital and said he “provided a confession which included several details consistent with the evidence found at the scene and the statement provided by [the boy].”

He said they were in the kitchen, preparing meals for the children. They were at different countertops.

“[The mother] was slicing strawberries for the kids at her countertop and across the kitchen,” he was doing his part and “a routine argument ensued and [he] went ‘mad.’

“He grabbed a knife from the countertop he was working at.

“When asked if he remembered striking [the mother] with the knife, he sobbed ‘of course, of course.’

“When asked about [the boy’s] involvement, Jorge Jose Sancler said he remembers [the boy] coming to the kitchen to try to protect his mother.”

As for “the wounds he had on his neck and arms he said that they were self-inflicted and he did it while he was in the garage but didn’t recall what he used to inflict them.”

Sancler, 62, was officially arrested on Feb. 8, though he’d remain in the hospital for a few days before being booked into the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s North Broward Bureau jail.

Online records show he’s charged with “murder dangerous depraved without premeditation” and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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