Senior's 'continuous harassment' caused next-door neighbors 'fear and emotional distress'

Senior’s ‘continuous harassment’ caused next-door neighbors ‘fear and emotional distress’

(As originally published, Thu, February 29th 2024 at 5:26 PM)

LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — People don’t get to choose their neighbors, and, in this case, a couple said they put their house for sale due to harassment from their next-door neighbor.

“The victim was emotionally in distress and had been crying,” according to her neighbor’s arrest report, last Tuesday, written by a deputy at the Walgreens in Florida where the victim works.

She said the harassment started in the fall when neighbors complained about the “aggressive pit bull mix” Suza Barr adopted and let “run loose in the neighborhood, chasing people, and biting the victim’s dog.”

The arrest report said Barr “started to act aggressively, kept coming to the victim’s property, was cursing, making rude comments, and using foul language towards the victim, her husband, landscapers, and other people visiting on the victim’s property, which led” to a trespass warning from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

That reportedly didn’t stop the incidents.

The arrest report described Barr as shining her vehicle lights onto the victim’s property, honking her horn, calling code enforcement, and writing “local newspaper articles regarding the victim and other people in the neighborhood without their actual names, calling the victim a ‘troll’ and ‘Nazi.’”

Finally, the report said, “The defendant would contact the places of employment and attempt to tarnish the reputation of the victim to the point of attempting to get the victim terminated.”

Barr stopped when “the victim’s husband’s supervisor threatened to file a police report for harassment,” but it came to a head at the pharmacy where the wife works.

Two days earlier, “The victim asked her co-workers to assist the defendant with her needs,” when Barr showed up at the counter without a prescription order.

Senior's 'continuous harassment' caused next-door neighbors 'fear and emotional distress'
Suza Barr was charged with stalking, Feb. 21, 2024. (Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

According to the arrest report, she “started yelling and harassing employees, and was requested to leave the store.

“When the defendant was leaving the store, she reached over the counter to the victim and stated: ‘I’m sick of your gutt [sic], [victim’s name].’”

The next day, she “began making false complaints to Walgreens’ corporate office about her and was trying to get her fired from her job, which he heard about today when she came to work, and then called law enforcement.

“The victim stated she is a mess due to the defendant’s continuous harassment, which has caused fear and emotional distress up to the point where the victim and her husband have now placed their home for sale, as they cannot continue to live in continuous emotional distress and fear anymore.

“The victim advised she does not feel safe walking to her vehicle anymore once leaving work, due to the defendant’s continued harassment.”

The shift lead at Walgreens said Barr had no prescriptions filled there in the past six months and showed the deputy copies of her complaints.

“I observed the defendant stating that the victim is trying to make the defendant’s life a nightmare,” the deputy wrote, “claiming the victim is bipolar, doesn’t like the defendant’s dog, and that the defendant did not get her medication because the victim did not want to serve her, and other people were rude also.”

The two complaints were identical and surveillance video showed Barr in the store for 10 minutes and leaving with over-the-counter cold medication she bought.

The deputy concluded, “I determined probable cause existed to arrest the defendant due to harassment of the victim by means which served no legitimate purpose.”

Barr wasn’t home that day, but she was arrested the next.

The 77-year-old was charged with stalking and released after 27 hours in jail.

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