Tasered and 'fell to the ground, and the stolen merchandise came falling out of her purse'

Tasered and ‘fell to the ground, and the stolen merchandise came falling out of her purse’

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — “Best Buy staff recognized her from previous encounters in which she stole a laptop,” her latest arrest report said, so they watched this woman closely as she walked through the store, last Thursday, Feb. 22, in Florida.

They called the police when “the female in question selected a Sony Bluetooth speaker valued at $59.99 from the shelf and began to walk around the store.

“The female then entered the home security aisle, selecting a Eufy Outdoor Camera valued at $79.99 from the shelf and placing it in the shopping cart.”

Then, her arrest report said she “continued walking throughout the store and ultimately concealed both products in her purse, using a jacket to conceal the top of the stolen merchandise.”

And two officers were waiting for Stacy Lynn Steady just outside.

One identified himself as a law enforcement officer and the race was on.

The arrest report said Steady “began to flee on foot from the front of the store, throughout the parking lot, disobeying all lawful commands to stop.

“Officers continued to chase the female on foot, at which point I deployed my agency-issued Taser 7, ultimately striking the female in the lower back and right leg.

“The female immediately fell to the ground and the stolen merchandise came falling out of her purse.”

That’s when she was arrested.

Authorities said she had a black eyeglass case inside her jacket pocket and “in the eyeglass case were two glass pipes commonly used with smoking illegal narcotics. The two glass pipes had a burnt black and white residue within them, consistent with the use of methamphetamine.”

Paramedics came since Steady fell “from the Taser deployment, injuring her knees on the asphalt.

“Medical personnel cleared Stacy and removed the Taser probes, but Stacy stated she needed to go to the hospital.”

Her story doesn’t end there.

Tasered and 'fell to the ground, and the stolen merchandise came falling out of her purse'
Stacy Lynn Steady was booked into jail at least 16 times in Florida since 2011: twice in Marion County, 3 times in Sumter County, and 11 times in Lake County.

“While at the hospital,” the arrest report said, “Stacy began to attempt to conceal a silver necklace, due to it coming out from behind her shirt.

“While Stacy was being discharged from the hospital, staff members adjusted Stacy to remove the IV, at which point the silver necklace became exposed.

“On the necklace, I observed a handcuff key.

“I removed the necklace and handcuff key, which was concealed.

“The key was tested on my agency-issued handcuffs which fully functioned, unlocking the restraints.”

From there, she was taken to the Lake County Jail, and it wasn’t her first time.

Authorities wrote that she had four previous guilty convictions for theft: in 2022 in Marion County, and in 2023 in Marion, Sumter and Lake counties.

On this day, she was charged with petit theft from merchant-third or subsequent, resisting arrest without violence, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a concealed handcuff key.

Not only that, Steady had active arrest warrants in Marion County for felony petit theft and resisting a merchant.

The 45-year-old was booked shortly before midnight on Feb. 22. Her bond was set at $7,000, and she has not been released.

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