Accused of battery on her mom: 'Grabbed some of the grits she made & hit her in the face'

Accused of battery on her mom: ‘Grabbed some of the grits she made & hit her in the face’

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SUMMERFIELD, Fla. (TND) — A woman with a history of arrests is facing a new battery charge. She’s accused of slapping her mother with a handful of grits over kitchen cleanliness and what to eat for breakfast.

Jakiela Shagale Mobley’s arrest report from last month in Florida said, “She got into a verbal argument with her mother about using her oven,” but her mother said Mobley “struck her one time in the side of her face with an open palm,” and apparently her hand wasn’t empty.

Mobley had asked to visit her mother for “a warm place to sleep,” and said her mom picked her up, brought her home, “and allowed her to sleep there.”

But in the morning, Mobley said her mother “began to verbally argue with her about her kitchen being dirty.

“The defendant advised she wanted to make a pizza in the victim’s oven but the victim did not want her to, due to her oven being clean.

“The defendant advised the victim was cooking grits on the stove for the children in the home when she put the pizza in the oven.”

The report said Mobley admitted “she cooked the pizza in the oven despite the victim telling her not to, and when the pizza was finished cooking, the victim became enraged.”

Mobley claimed her mom “struck her one time on the side of the face her face with an open palm,” and then said she told her mom, “She was contacting law enforcement, and she would be arrested.”

Accused of battery on her mom: 'Grabbed some of the grits she made & hit her in the face'
Jakiela Shagale Mobley has been arrested 4 times since 2015, from left, and online records show she was involved in 5 domestic relations cases between 2017 and 2021. (Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office)

The report went on to say Mobley claimed her mom “then grabbed the grits she cooked for the children and hit herself in the face with them, to make it appear as if she battered her.

“The defendant advised she did not batter the victim in any manner.”

But the deputy determined Mobley wasn’t exactly telling the truth, writing he didn’t see any marks on her face to corroborate her statement.

He said Mobley’s mom “had what appeared to be dried grits on the side of her face, and her eyes were extremely red and watery.”

She said she told Mobley, “She was making grits and advised her she could have some, or she made other breakfast foods she could have, and that she did not need to make a pizza.”

And then Mobley started arguing, and “grabbed some of the grits she made and hit her in the face with them.

“The victim advised the defendant told her she was going to contact law enforcement and say she slapped her.”

Mobley’s mother said she didn’t call the police because she didn’t want her daughter arrested, “and she believed the matter was juvenile at its core.

“The victim advised she cleaned most of the grits off the floor and swept them into a dustpan, due to her not wanting the defendant to get in trouble.”

The deputy’s investigation found “dried grits on the side of the victim’s face which matched the color of the grits on the kitchen counter.

“I observed what appeared to be a mark created by a hand in the grits, and grits on the floor.

“I also observed grits in the dustpan, which corroborated the victim’s statement.

“Due to the victim having grits on her face which match the ones on the counter, and the unlikelihood of the victim hitting herself in the face with grits, I placed the defendant under arrest for [battery] and transported her to the Marion County Jail.”

Mobley, 28, spent 12 days behind bars before she was released.

According to the arrest report, “The defendant has multiple battery arrests but does not have any convictions.”

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