Teacher facing charges told teen she did 'sexual activities with other students,' cops say

Teacher facing charges told teen she did ‘sexual activities with other students,’ cops say

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FORT MYERS, Fla. (TND) — A teacher in Florida has been behind bars for more than a week after being accused of having sex with a student in her car in the parking lot of his grandmother’s apartment complex.

A 17-year-old witness tipped off Fort Myers police on Sunday, March 3, “and wanted to provide a statement,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Then, the alleged victim, whose age was not disclosed, reportedly told an investigator that a few months ago, he had given his teacher, later identified as Lauren King, his phone number.

“King contacted [the victim] on a regular basis and the conversation started friendly.

“[The victim] mentioned he had been wanting a new hoodie and informed King of it.

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“King advised she would give it to him as [the victim] could not afford it.

“[The victim] stated King called him and said she could meet him in the parking lot of his grandmother’s apartment complex located at [address].

“[The victim] met King and entered her vehicle. She then began to…..,” and the document describes her “providing oral sex to him,” and in the back seat, “they then have sexual intercourse.”

The report continued, “King then tells [the victim] not to tell anyone what happened and then bribes him with cash and headphones.

“[The victim] advised that he felt as though he had done something wrong and was uncomfortable through the whole ordeal.

“He then stopped texting King for a couple of days, but she persisted in trying to contact him and the conversation continued.

“King mentioned romantic feelings to [the victim], telling him that she loved him.

“[The victim] was not prepared for this and attempted again to minimize their relationship and stop.

“King then attempted to get [the victim] jealous and told him that she was doing other sexual activities with other students.”

The school he attends is Royal Palm Exceptional Center, which The School District of Lee County said serves up to 150 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

At this point, the investigator wrote, “No follow-up questions were asked as it became clear that a criminal offense was being alleged, and there are restrictions on interviews regarding juveniles involved in sex crimes.”

But his mother gave a statement saying, “She found out about the incident today due to” the teenage witness, who she referred to as a mentor, mentioning it to her.

“[The mother] spoke with her son, who confessed he had sexual intercourse with his teacher.

“[The mother] stated [the victim] began to get emotionally distraught.”

Finally, that teenage mentor told authorities, “He had taken [the victim] to church with him” and then after, went to a Waffle House.

Teacher facing charges told teen she did 'sexual activities with other students,' cops say
Lauren Angelica King was charged with lewd or lascivious battery on a victim 12 to 16, and molestation on a victim 12 to 16, March 7, 2024. (Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“While sitting down, he sees a ‘407’ area code number repeatedly calling [the victim]’s cellphone.

“[The witness] then asks [the victim] who is calling his phone, and he replies, ‘My Teacher.’

“[The witness] suspects something is amiss and presses [the victim] to disclose the nature of these personal calls.

“[The victim] then tells [the witness] he and the teacher had sex.

“[The witness] pays for their food and walks out.

“Shortly after, [the victim] received another phone call and [the witness] answered the phone and told the teacher, ‘Leave him alone. I’ve found out everything that you do.’

“[The witness] stated [the victim] showed him text messages from the teacher and himself as it was determined he is not the only minor, and bribes other children so they would not tell anyone.

“[The witness] talks to the teacher for a while on the cellphone as she confesses, she and [the victim] had sexual intercourse and to give her a week, and she would quit and leave the area.”

The report then details the victim’s conversation with someone from the Children Advocacy Center.

“[The victim] advised that he initially lied to police about having worn a condom during this incident because he was ‘scared.’”

Finally, it went into some of the 4,000 text messages between the two over a month.

The report also said King sent the victim $230 over three transactions via CashApp, plus an iPhone, a pair of “Beats” headphones, and a Dell computer.

It wasn’t until Thursday, March 7, that officers from the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force “located King leaving the parking lot of” an apartment complex.

They arrested her on a warrant and took her to the Lee County Jail.

King, 32, was charged with lewd or lascivious battery on a victim 12 to 16, and molestation on a victim 12 to 16.

Her bond was set at $350,000 and she has not been released from jail.

Fort Myers police said they “encourage anyone with information or may be a victim of King,” to call them at 239-321-7700.

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