Patient strapped to stretcher accused of inappropriately touching himself, then paramedic

Patient strapped to stretcher accused of inappropriately touching himself, then paramedic

(As originally published, Mon, March 18th 2024 at 4:02 PM)

NAPLES, Fla. (TND) — A man in Florida was eventually taken from a hospital to jail after “refusing to leave the building” and then locking himself in a bathroom — but not for that.

Naples police officers “retrieved a master key and opened the bathroom door,” last Thursday afternoon, March 14, the arrest report said.

“The subject, Frederick Lloyd Day, was seen standing in the bathroom next to a pile of paper towels,” it continued.

Hospital to jail:

“Day was complaining of feet pain and stating he was bitten by a bug and would like to be brought to the hospital,” the report stated.

Paramedics took him to Naples Community Hospital, but an emergency room nurse let police know, “Day is not allowed to enter the hospital as he was being disorderly and destructive.”

Hospital security “escorted him out,” but then the situation got worse.

“Day walked across the street to the Cancer Alliance of Naples,” his arrest report said.

But there, paramedics called police officers “to the sally port where Day was acting ‘inappropriate.’

“Officers observed Day strapped into the stretcher with a noticeable erect [body part] showing through his basketball shorts.

“[A female paramedic], referred to as ‘victim,’ advised while she was assessing Day’s blood pressure, Day was masturbating his fully erect [body part] under his basketball shorts.”

Then, straight from the arrest report, “The victim advised Day to stop and to take his hands out of his pants.”

Patient strapped to stretcher accused of inappropriately touching himself, then paramedic
Frederick Lloyd Day was charged with battery on specified personnel, and has not yet been released from jail, March 14, 2024. (Collier Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“Day then attempted to reach towards the victim’s leg and failed.

“The victim said, ‘Do not touch me.’

“Day then looked at the victim’s eyes, continued to masturbate, and touched the victim’s upper thigh near her butt with his hand.

“The victim, in defense, grabbed his hand and placed it in his lap and said, ‘Do not touch me.’

“The victim advised Day was ‘clearly’ erected as it was visible through his basketball shorts,” the report detailed.

A fire department lieutenant told officers after Day “touched the victim in the upper thigh, [he] continued to try and touch the victim by taking off the medical equipment and unbuckling himself from the stretcher.”

Day was arrested but apparently not done doing something inappropriate with his body.

“Day was handcuffed, double locked, and searched yielding negative results,” the arrest report continued.

“Day was placed in the rear of [an officer’s] patrol vehicle [and] while being transported to Naples Jail Center, Day was able to get his handcuffed hands from his back, to his front, and took off his seat belt.”

Day was charged with battery on specified personnel, meaning the paramedic, and has not been released from jail.

He’d faced charges in Collier County before, having been arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana in 2017, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2019, trespassing and possession of narcotics paraphernalia in 2022, and petit theft just last month on Feb. 12.

Details on that were not available online.

Day, 34, will never be allowed back inside Naples Community Hospital Downtown when he’s released from jail.

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