Banned and busted: It's this woman's 3rd arrest at one particular Walmart

Banned and busted: It’s this woman’s 3rd arrest at one particular Walmart

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A woman who sat for more than two dozen booking photos added another to her criminal history.

She’s charged with trespassing at the Walmart in Florida that had banned her.

The folks there recognized Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey in a black long-sleeve shirt, white pajama pants, sandals, and a surgical mask. Then, they called sheriff’s deputies.


Her arrest report said authorities arrived at about 5:30 last Tuesday, March 12, to find Spivey leaving the store and getting into a blue SUV.

The report said Spivey stepped out of the passenger seat and they had a chat.

A deputy reminded her she was banned from the particular Walmart on Jan. 6, 2022.

Then, told the deputy, “She thought the trespass was only to exceed one year.”

But the deputy from back then weighed in, writing that Spivey had shoplifted, was given “an indefinite non-expiring trespass warning,” plus, “She understood the meaning of a trespass warning and would not return to the Walmart.”

Spivey, 52, was arrested and charged with trespassing, specifically defying an order. She has even more theft convictions.

On that January, more than two years ago, Spivey was charged with felony petit theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and trespassing. A month later, she was adjudicated guilty without a trial, and she wasn’t released from jail until June 9, after more than five months behind bars.

Banned and busted: It's this woman's 3rd arrest at one particular Walmart
Kimberly Janine Thieschafer Spivey was arrested more than 24 times in Florida, but not all have booking photos online. Top, l-r: 2007-2015; middle: 2016 to Nov. 12, 2018; bottom: Nov. 14, 2018, to March 12, 2024. (Marion and Sumter Co. sheriff’s offices, and Fla. Dept. of Corrections)

Two years before that, on Feb. 6, 2020, Spivey was charged with felony petit theft at Walmart and while still in jail on June 17, she was again adjudicated guilty without a trial and released exactly five months after the arrest, on July 6.

This time, she didn’t stay in jail nearly as long. She was released after just 24-and-a-half hours.

The driver of the SUV was also arrested, and she has Spivey to thank, because she otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed.

Tammy Lee Bray, 43, “proceeded to walk through the parking lot, back into Walmart,” her arrest report says.

But K9 deputy “Dwight” smelled narcotics in the SUV, so authorities searched it.

Her fifth arrest in Sumter County reportedly came after she bought a white T-shirt and denim shorts, and went to the bathroom to change. Then, she flagged a man down and asked for a ride, and was eventually caught in the bushes. The clothes she wore when she arrived were inside a bag.

Bray’s charges are more serious: trafficking fentanyl, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving with a suspended license.

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