'Couldn't believe what he was seeing:' Couple caught having sex on sidewalk 'in full view'

‘Couldn’t believe what he was seeing:’ Couple caught having sex on sidewalk ‘in full view’

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VERO BEACH, Fla. (TND) — It was a typical Saturday afternoon, just a few days ago in Florida, except “a male and female appeared to be having sexual intercourse on the east side of U.S. Highway 1, in front of Popeye’s,” their arrest reports say.

One man driving told deputies he noticed the man “on top of the female and stated he did a ‘double take’ because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.”

But the Indian River County deputy wrote, “As I looked over the bushes onto the sidewalk, I observed a [man] on top of a [woman] kissing.

“The male had his pants down and was seen making a thrusting motion while on top of the female.

“As I identified myself as the sheriff’s office, the male was instructed to stand, at which point the male and the female were observed adjusting their shorts.


“The male appeared flustered and was unable to fully pull his shorts up, which left his [body part] fully exposed to oncoming traffic.”

The deputy handcuffed Arnold Oneal Mackey “and seated him on the ground.”

Later, “Mackey advised it was not his intention to expose himself and,” referring to his alleged partner, “had asked April to leave from the side of the road, but she refused.”

“Mackey further stated he understood that he was in plain view of passing motorists, but stated he would ‘apologize to the judge.’

“Mackey remained cooperative throughout the remainder of the transport to the county jail,” but the other party, April Marie White, was reportedly a problem.

White, her arrest report said, “became verbally aggressive, making comments that she did nothing wrong.

“April was advised to place her hands behind her back, to which she initially complied but then began pulling away from me while shouting, “F****t.”

“I gave April multiple commands to stop pulling away; however, she continued to keep turning her body to shout obscenities in my face.

“I attempted to escort April up toward my patrol vehicle when she pulled away again,” the report furthered. “At this time, I escorted April to the ground in a grassy area and gave her verbal commands to remain in the prone position until assisting units arrived.”

The responding officer’s report continues to say that “while attempting to detain April, I could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath. In addition, I discovered four empty bottles of ‘Vodka’ and one full unopened bottle of rum next to them on the ground.”

Then, the deputy did his due diligence and spoke to one of the people who’d called about the couple.

'Couldn't believe what he was seeing:' Couple caught having sex on sidewalk 'in full view'
Arnold Oneal Mackey, left, and April Marie White were charged with exposure of sexual organs-1st offense, March 16, 2024. (Indian River Co. Sheriff’s Office)

After the man’s “double take,” he said, “The female had her legs spread open and the male [description of position] in full view of traffic.”

Mackey, 70, and White, 44, were charged with exposure of sexual organs-first offense.

White was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and disorderly intoxication.

She had to be taken to jail separately “due to her behavior,” and her breath test sample was reportedly 0.088.

White also has a criminal history that includes an arrest on Dec. 17.

Vero Beach police wrote it started with “a suspicious person call” and according to her arrest report, “White had been sleeping on the property with another male.”

Then, “[A corporal] asked White to leave the premises multiple times, and White continuously refused.”

She was arrested and on Jan. 8, was adjudicated guilty of resisting without violence and possession of an alcoholic beverage in public. She pleaded no contest to trespassing.

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