Vehicle issues led to this woman facing drug charges not once, but twice in 2 years

Vehicle issues led to this woman facing drug charges not once, but twice in 2 years

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EUSTIS, Fla. (TND) — A woman in Florida led a sheriff’s deputy on a chase and then hid in a trailer because she “feared getting a ticket,” and unfortunately for her, that information came straight from her arrest report.

It was three weeks ago, on the afternoon of Feb. 29, that the deputy was “conducting routine patrol in the area of the Circle K gas station located” in Eustis.

The deputy drove into the parking lot and checked the license plate of a car parked at the entrance of the store “which revealed the registered owner’s license to be not valid.”

The arrest report said Robin Clark King was found guilty of driving with a suspended license in 2004, and her license was suspended again last August.

The deputy wrote about walking by and seeing King in the driver’s seat, and then seeing her “exit the parking lot, driving the vehicle.”

The deputy got into his “marked patrol vehicle and followed” King.

He wrote he “initiated a traffic stop with my lights and sirens [and] observed the defendant accelerate at a higher rate of speed and flee the traffic stop.

“A short time later, I observed the vehicle parked at a nearby residence. I made announcements to an RV travel trailer on the property.

“The defendant exited the trailer and was placed under arrest.”

The deputy searched the vehicle before it was towed away.

“Located inside the vehicle,” the arrest report said, “was a backpack on the driver seat. Within the backpack contained a wallet with the defendant’s driver’s license.

“Also located inside the backpack with a clear glass pipe which contained burnt residue. A presumptive field test kit was used on the glass pipe which yielded a positive result for methamphetamine.

“Also located inside the backpack was a blue in color straw which was cut short. The straw contained a white residue.

“Also located in the backpack was a pack of cigarettes which contained a clear plastic baggie. Within the clear plastic baggie was a blue powdery substance.”

She told the deputy, according to the arrest report, “She observed the flashing blue lights behind her as I attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

“The defendant advised she fled because she feared getting a ticket for the status of her driver’s license.

“The defendant advised she then pulled into her driveway and hid inside the camper until giving up.

“The defendant advised we would find a locate a ‘bubbler’ pipe inside her purse which was used for smoking methamphetamine.

“The defendant also advised the blue pottery substance was crushed Percocet.”

King was charged with driving with a suspended license-second offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of the controlled substance Percocet, and fleeing or eluding.

She was released in lieu of $7,000 bond after three days in jail and pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

King, 50, had a slightly similar situation less than two years ago.

Her arrest report from the evening of June 29, 2022, said deputies found her pickup truck abandoned on a road.

Then, King “approached, advising the aforementioned vehicle was hers and she had run out of gas.”

She gave the deputy “her identification and registration to confirm she did in fact own the vehicle and would be removing it from the roadway.”

But when King entered the vehicle, the arrest report said, “A marijuana smoking pipe was located in plain view on top of the center console.”

Then, the report said, “She consented” to a search but, “Then questioned why I was asking so many questions.

Vehicle issues led to this woman facing drug charges not once, but twice in 2 years
Robin Clark King got into trouble when (from left) her pickup truck ran out of gas on June 29, 2022; and during a random check of her license plate on Feb. 29, 2024. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“A short time later, King admitted she had some Xanax she was holding for a friend and some marijuana for personal use.”

The arrest report said besides the marijuana pipe, the deputy found “a hypodermic needle and a pill bottle containing multiple blue and white pills” in her purse, and “a plastic wrapper containing a small amount (2g) of marijuana and a plastic wrapper containing multiple blue and white pills” in her wallet.

Then, it said she admitted to having most of the items, but not the hypodermic needle.

“King advised the hypodermic needle is not hers,” the report said, “nor does she know who it belongs to. She said she did not know it was in her purse and does not know when it appeared there.

“It should be noted, King was able to describe multiple items within her purse but denied knowledge of the hypodermic needle.

“Additionally, the pocket where the hypodermic needle was located is the first thing observed when opening the purse, due to the pocket being stretched out.”

That day, King ended up facing six drug possession charges. She pleaded no contest to three and the other three were dropped.

She spent a month and a half in jail.

No explanation was given about the neck brace she was wearing in the more recent booking photo.

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