Blows, blood and bruises: Man charged in violent fight with both of his parents

Blows, blood and bruises: Man charged in violent fight with both of his parents

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LADY LAKE, Fla. (TND) — A man in Florida is charged with two counts of battery on a person 65 or older. Authorities say those two victims are his parents, and his arrest report describes what went on at the home the three share.

Sumter County deputies got a call about David Wayne Rutland “actively in a physical altercation,” last Tuesday, March 19.

His mother said Rutland “was actively striking” his father, and that he “was covered in bruises and had blood on his face,” according to the arrest report.

Then, it said, Rutland took the phone out of his mother’s hands while she “was informing the 911 operator what was happening,” and he “began speaking with the 911 operator.”

The arrest report does not describe that conversation, but a deputy wrote about catching up with Rutland in the driveway, and noting, “I observed the defendant to have redness on his head, as well as arms, showing he was just involved in a physical altercation.”

Then, “As the defendant began speaking to me, he was clearly showing symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol as he was having a difficult time focusing on me, did not know the time of day it was, and was partially slurring his words.

“The defendant began telling me about the incident, which he stated he came home and [his parents] were upset because he was going through organ transplant. The defendant stated this upset [his parents] because it takes up their golden years.

Blows, blood and bruises: Man charged in violent fight with both of his parents
David Wayne Rutland was charged with battery on (from left) Sept. 15, 2023, and with 2 counts of battery on a person 65 or older, March 19, 2024. (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office | Sumter Co. Sheriff’s Office)

“The defendant advised [his father] went absolutely bonkers, calling him every name in the book, and then shoved him into the glass by the front door.

“The defendant also believed that [his father] punched him in the face.

“The defendant stated that he got into an argument with [his parents]. The defendant stated that [his mother] tried to intervene between him and [his father].

“The defendant’s responses while speaking with me were inconsistent and he stated two different versions of what transpired prior to my arrival.”

Then, he wrote, another deputy had gone inside and she confirmed the parents “were both battered by the defendant during his incident.”

She also reported the father would be taken to a hospital “for further medical treatment as he was still having difficulty breathing, and he also had visible injury to his arms, as well as his face.

“[That deputy] advised [the father] had blood/scrapes on his right arm and had scrapes and marks on his face as well from the incident. [The father] also had multiple fresh bruises on his arms.”

Rutland’s mother told deputies their son “went into the porch” about an hour earlier and started arguing.

She said the defendant got into her face, and that the defendant grabbed [the mother] by her arms and started yelling at her.”

The deputy said the father tried “to intervene and try to prevent the incident from escalating.

“[The mother] stated they all went into the living room of the residences while the arguing continued.

“[The mother] stated that she was then grabbed again by the defendant, and [the father] again attempted to intervene.

“[The mother] stated as she was grabbed by the defendant, she tried to push the defendant off of her to protect herself.

“[The mother] advised the defendant then fell backwards as a result of her trying to protect herself, into a cabinet located by the front door.

“After the defendant fell, he got back up and started to go after [the father], and as a result ended up on the floor of the residence, tumbling around with each other.

“[The mother] advised she attempted to break up the fight between the defendant and [the father] for several minutes but it took several attempts until the defendant left [the father] on the floor, and then started to go after [the mother] again.

“[The mother] advised, the defendant grabbed her by her jacket with a clenched fist, until she was able to free herself from the jacket.

“[The mother] advised she then was able to call 911.”

The arrest report said Rutland had no prior convictions for battery, but The National Desk found he was arrested for battery in nearby Lake County last Sept. 15.

That arrest report said he was involved in a fight at a rehabilitation clinic, where an employee said she saw Rutland “in a vehicle become angry and hit a [woman] in the right shoulder twice, which made the victim cry.”

Then, “[The victim] stated that she was trying to enter the defendant into rehab, and he became belligerent when he found out that there were no rooms available.

“She stated that he hit her right shoulder several times and he knew that she has a shoulder injury that requires surgery.

“She stated that she was in pain but refused EMS and to provide a statement,” and she did not want to prosecute.

She didn’t get her wish.

Rutland spent eight days in jail until he was released in lieu of $1,000 bond.

In late October, he was enrolled in a pretrial diversion program for battery, but that opportunity has been revoked — and the case reopened — in light of his new criminal charges.

This time, the 47-year-old is being held without bond.

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